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WhatsApp Web, Desktop Getting Photo Editing Tools; Android Beta Gets New Emojis





  • WhatsApp is rolling out a new version for the web.
  • WhatsApp Web, Desktop Getting Photo Editing Tools.
  • Android Beta Gets New Emojis.

WhatsApp is now rolling out a new version for the web/desktop client, bringing the version up to 2.2130.7. WhatsApp periodically brings new features and improvises on the existing ones in its mobile apps. But, the web version had not been injected with as many features as the mobile versions, until now. The Facebook-owned messaging service has finally brought some of the features present in its mobile apps to the web version.

After releasing new features like view once and the new archive, WhatsApp is now rolling out another useful option to edit pictures from WhatsApp Web/Desktop! If the feature is available for your WhatsApp account, before sending the image, WhatsApp will show some new options to edit it, like the possibility to add emojis, stickers, text, and more.

Until now, if you had to crop or edit an image after receiving it on the application, you would have to either open the image in your default image viewing application or send the image to someone else on WhatsApp itself. The ‘Edit’ button gives you the editing tools that exactly the same as what you find right before sending an image to a recipient—you get to crop, add text, and doodle on the image. The only difference here is that you can now edit photos that you have received or already sent to someone right from the application.

Big emoji update rolled out

WhatsApp is adding support for the newest emojis on the beta version of its Android app. This will enable users on Android to even see the latest emoji their friends, using WhatsApp for Apple iOS, send. Earlier this year, Apple released iOS 14.5, which brought along with it several new emojis, These include a heart on fire, an exhaling face, and many more emojis that are part of the approved Emoji 13.1 update. WhatsApp has now updated its app to display these images correctly on Android too, even if the phone is quite outdated.

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