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Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau? Everything You Need to Know About John Cena’s Ex-Wife, Death & More



Elizabeth Huberdeau

Hey readers, do you know Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?  If you don’t know her then definitely you are not a genuine fan of WWE popular John Cena. Every post was written about famous wrestler John Cena always includes the name of his girlfriend Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Their love story begins at teenage age and they remained married from 2009 to 2012.  They lead a very happy marriage. This is the main reason for which Elizabeth is popularly known. She has been in the headlines since her news with John Cena first came.

As we know that Elizabeth Huberdeau is the ex-wife of John Cena. She came in media headlines mainly due to her divorce moments with him. But now she has made her social media account private so that she can lead peaceful life out of the public eye.

Right now, she is not on social media and appears rarely at any public event.

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Who is John Cena’s ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau?

It’s quite evident that whenever a person is related to a popular personality or public figure, the person also comes in limelight. Then everything whatever you eat, wherever you go becomes news. A similar thing happened with Elizabeth as well. She comes to fame and become much popular in less time. She rose to popularity when she started to be seen with one of the biggest professional wrestling names of all time, John Cena.

Before Elizabeth Huberdeau, John Cena was in a six-year relationship with Nikki Bella.  He was sincerely committed to her before he came into a relationship with Elizabeth.  But then his school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau came into his life and they were deeply in love with each other. So they got married in the year 2009 to take their relationship to the next level.
But this marriage also could not last for long. as they mutually decided to separate after 3 years.  Let us know many more interesting details of John Cena and his girlfriend’s personal life, romance, career, proposal, marriage, and the reason for their divorce. Let’s get started.

John Cena’s First Wife Was Elizabeth Huberdeau basic details

As we said earlier John Cena’s first wife was Elizabeth Huberdeau.  She is also known as Liz Cena. They were basically high school sweethearts. they dated for many years in Boston and finally tied the knot in the year 2009.

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John Cena generally keeps separating his personal and professional lives. But it came as a shock to his fans when he announced his engagement with Huberdeau at the premiere of his 2009 film 12 Rounds.

But his marriage life does not go well as ended in 2012 and started dating his fellow wrestler Nikki Bella.

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Facts About John Cena’s Ex-Wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau

The esteemed wrestler, having already risen to the top ranks in the realm of WWE, married his high school girlfriend, Huberdeau, in 2009. However, in 2012, he filed for divorce, and this move allegedly shocked Huberdeau. Their separation, messier than usual, garnered some media attention. In this section of the article, we’ve gathered 8 important facts about Elizabeth Huberdeau.

1. The Identity of John Cena’s ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau

Elizabeth Huberdeau is not popular for anything else except for her relationship with the WWE superstar. The media kept her in the spotlight since the day she got married to John Cena. She also become much popular as she came in limelight. But as soon as her popularity rose similarly in the same trend,  her fame died as well as the news of her divorce came into the media world. For some days, media people ardently follow her and tried to figure out the reason for their divorce but alter on everything calmed down as soon as John Cena came into another relationship with his fellow wrestler.

2. Her Personal Life

Elizabeth Huberdeau was born in the city of Massachusetts that is West Newbury. She was born on September 28, 1979.  Her education started at Springfield College that was situated in her hometown.

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3. Early Life and Education

Not much is known about her early life and family. She got her schooling done in her hometown of Massachusetts. She also met her life partner in the same college. It’s therefore understood that Cena and Huberdeau, the two young lovers, first met in either the Cushing Academy in Ashburnham or Central Catholic High School in Lawrence.

But she did not stop here as she wanted to pursue higher studies, so she went to Springfield College that was also situated in Massachusetts.  She wanted to pursue her career in the business of real estate that’s why she opted for the related course. But her dream was not actually this, she actually dreamt to become a supermodel.

She even somehow managed to bag some modeling projects as well before getting hitched with John Cena.  But she could not make much in her modeling career although she had a fit body with a pretty smile on her face.

4. Her Net Worth

As we said earlier as well, although he dreamt of modeling, she finally pursued her career in the real estate business. If we talk about the year 2019, her net worth was around $10 million. But this worth does not include any contribution of John Cena.

She was a self-made girl and earned herself. But her net surprisingly shoots up when she divorced John Cena.  since she received a huge amount of alimony from her husband john Cena.

Why did their marriage end?

Well, nothing can be said firmly that why did they got separated. Although their bond seemed unbreakable nothing is permanent in today’s Fast lives. their marriage lasted for merely 3 years. In May 2012,  The WWE wrestler filed for divorce. when reasons were asked then both said that it is their mutual decision as everything is not going well between the two and both want to lead happy and peaceful; lives.

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As everything is getting worse between both, so it’s better to not get into much negativity, and let’s end it here only. Many different rumors came after this incident. Many people and media persons also created their own stories related to their divorce. But no particular evidence they could produce in order to justify their statements. Some even said that John Cena has now an extramarital affair that’s why the couple is no longer on good terms and has filed for divorce.

Is John Cena married now?

Yes after separating from Elizabeth Huberdeau, he got indulged in a relationship with his girlfriend and fellow wrestler Nikky Bella. But this relationship could not even last for a longer time and they got separated after two years. Then the year 2020 came, when he got married the second time in a private wedding ceremony with Shay Shariatzadeh.

They got married on 12 October 2020 in Florida.  They dated each other since the year 2019. This couple met for the very first time during the production of John Cena’s film “Playing with Fire”. This film was shot in Vancouver where they first met and their love for each other started budding.

Shariatzadeh works as a product manager at Microsoft—a job she took last month, according to LinkedIn.

I love technology and people!” she wrote in her bio. “I excel at building rapport with customers, determining market needs, and translating those into engineering requirements so we can build successful products that people love.”

Final words

Hey readers, this is all about John Cena’s ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. We have mentioned some really interesting facts about her life, her relationship with John Cena, and much more. I hope you would like this post. If you found this informative or fruitful then so share it with your near and dear ones.

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