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Who Is yo_nanay roblox halloween? Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit




Hey folks, are you also wondering – Who Is yo_nanay Roblox Halloween?  Then you are at the right place buddies, as we are here to let you know complete details about it. You may have noticed that there are almost hundreds of videos going viral or circulated on the internet right now about it. This makes you even more eager to know what exactly it is, Isn’t it?  So, without taking much of your time, let us know who is yo_nanay Roblox Halloween is below :

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Yo_nanay Roblox Halloween

Whenever you open any social networking site, you see an animated video that is getting viral everywhere. This will make you curious about what it is and how tempting the video is?

Well, if sources have to be believed then let me tell you that, a video with the title Halloween Trick Or Treat Roblox Twitter video is making headlines everywhere, especially on netizens’ DMs.

Now we all are wondering what is so special in these videos that it is getting so much response from all over the audiences on different social media platforms. Well, there is a  story behind this viral video.

Let us explore the truth now: Because there are so many stories revolving around it on the internet but not all of them are genuine, so we will discuss here only the true facts here, which we have collected after deep research.

Basically, Yo Nanay is an animator and video editor. She use to share information of various genres on her public Twitter account.

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Moreover, she has always kept her personal life hidden from social media platforms.  She is popular for sharing animated content material on Twitter with her followers.

She has become this much popular that, people desperately want to know about her personal life, how she is in person, what she does, about her family members, etc.

Yo_nanay Roblox Halloween Video Twitter

Well, this video has become popular to the level that millions of users have already watched it and it is still one of the most viral videos in the current scenario.

In this video, two little girls are wearing astounding clothes and used to go door to door with their game trick or treat. This video is considered on both platforms Reddit and Twitter. In these videos, the girls are dressed up in Roblox characters.

Here in the video, it is shown that the children come to the house, well dressed up in Roblox characters, and knock on the door randomly. Whenever someone opens the door, they immediately say- “trick or treat” when the door of the house they knocked on opens.

Now the kids demand that either the member participate in their game or if the member refuses to do so, then kids beg for the immediate treat. While some families expressed interest in participating in the game by baking cakes for two youngsters.

Yo_nanay Roblox Halloween Video Viral

According to the reports, the animated video which is considered inappropriate from Minecraft is making rounds on social media platforms. Since the video has become viral, almost 600K people have already watched this video all across the globe. Here the video caption is – “there is no sound. Btw here’s the full vid Becareful peep:/”.

Well, in this animated video, the two kids portrayed the characters of Erik Cassel and David Baszucki of the movie which was released in the year 2006. This movie was a huge hit and also was one of the highest-grossing films raising almost 2.29 billion, which is really a very big amount according to that time.

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Actually, Halloween Trick Or Treat Roblox’s Twitter video surprised the diversity in multiple ways in a short period of time. You can also watch this video by simply searching for it in the search engine.

The account from where the video was shared is named Iri_iri. By this name, you can search it on Twitter as well, since the video is still available on the same account.

Well, this user first came and made their account in the year 2022 in February month.  This account has shared multiple videos that are usually related to Minecraft games.  But this inappropriate video has gained lots of consideration everywhere worldwide. This video was actually posted three days ago and since then millions of users have watched it.

Who Is Yo_nanay Roblox Halloween?

Basically, she is a Twitter user who uses to posts animated videos. You won’t believe, how popular she is on Twitter. This is quite evident from its number of followers on Twitter. She has currently more than 29.5K followers on Twitter only. Also, according to a Yo Nanay Roblox Halloween Video thread, she started using Twitter in February 2022.

Actually, after seeing the thread, we can conclude that her Twitter account included two other account links, including @platically and @microbiafactor. This is the only true fact or we can say detail we got about Yo_nanay Roblox Halloween during our research on it. Here we tried to keep it minimal by not recording much of her personal data, however, many sources indicated that her hair and eyes are black.

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Yo_nanay Twitter Video Viral On Reddit And Other Social Media

Hundreds of videos circulating on social media, yet netizens still choose to look for scandals and controversies on social media due to their content and inappropriate material. Because of personal videos circulating on social media, social media has been attracting a huge number of people’s attention worldwide over the past few days.

When these videos go viral, people start searching on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms, and the same thing happens. On social media, an offensive cartoon video has been circulating virally.


Well, this video has brought a tsunami of tweets on Twitter.  The only thing that we found impressive in this video is that. Here Two kids wander from one house to another house. And kept on saying “trick or treat”. After opening the door of a house.

Here, If a family member opens the door. Refuses to participate in the game. Then the two children start asking for alms. Moreover, the two children kept standing in an unusual way or at a unique place in front of the door of the house.

Wrap Up :

Hey folks, this is all about yo_nanay. I hope now your all doubts are clear about it. If you liked this post, then share it with your friends and family.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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