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Why Does Spotify keep Pausing: 8 Quick Fixes to Troubleshoot Spotify Playback Issues



Best Fixes to Solve the issue of Spotify keeps Pausing

Hey readers, are you also irked and want to know Why does Spotify keep pausing? Then you are in right place. go ahead with your reading and know all details here.

Spotify needs no introduction. It is the most used app for playing songs all across the globe. It has a massive fan following of about 300 million users. In spite of huge popularity and fandom, the popular music app Spotify is nowadays showing some glitches that make it stop suddenly which really irritates music lovers.

This usually happens when a notification comes stating Spotify has stopped responding. This leads to the crashing of the app again and again. After this, you get back to your home screen of the device and then freezes. Many times, it also happens that Spotify stops playing songs and may bring you to the main menu without giving any notification.

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Why does Spotify keep pausing?

Many users have also reported that when their screen gets turned off, then automatically Spotify also stops playing songs. But initially, it was not like this. Spotify uses to play songs when the screen is turned off.

So in case, you are also facing any of such issues, then you don’t have to look anywhere else, as we are here with a complete solution guide that will brief you on all the possible fixes to solve it.

Before knowing the fixes, let us first answer the question that keeps boggling your minds: Why does Spotify keep pausing? Well, there could be numerous reasons for that. Let us know about the possible reasons :

  • Too Many People Using Your Account

Whenever Spotify stops working, usually listeners get panicked as some bomb has been exploded. There could be minor reasons causing the issue. You need to be calm in order to know the root cause. For your illustration: Sometimes what happens is that many users are accessing your Spotify account simultaneously, this could be the major reason why your Spotify account stops again and again. Or you may have logged into multiple devices together to make it easier to switch between devices while enjoying the same services.

So this may also cause problems. So you can check that issue by logging out of your account from some devices.

  • Poor/Limited Internet

It may also happen that the Spotify account is not the real culprit, in fact, is a victim. and you unknowingly, blame the user Spotify account for that again and again. The real culprit may be your internet connection.

As we know that Spotify works entirely on an active internet connection. So if the issue is with the internet connection, then also Spotify will stop working. So it’s necessary to have a proper internet connection while using Spotify.

But in case you have downloaded all your favorite songs for offline listening then there must not be an issue with the Internet connection. But this feature is not accessible by everyone as not everyone has this much storage capacity. So you should first check your internet connection.

  • Software Issues

Another possible reason could be software issues. The Spotify app may not work due to some software issues with your device. There may be many apps that could be running in the background, this may also interfere with your Spotify app performance. Also, there may be an issue of cache, that keeps pausing your Spotify app.

8 Best Fixes to Solve the issue of Spotify keeps Pausing

1. Restart your phone

If Spotify keeps on pausing again and again then you can try this hack. In this, you have to turn off your device and then restart it. To do so, you have to press long on the “power” button of your phone. Here you will get two options ;

  • Restart
  • Switch off

You can pick anyone. As many times, there could be multiple processes running in the background with many apps and it keeps on switching. This hack may resolve the issue.

2. Turn Off Low Power Mode

Most of the devices have a low power mode option as this helps to control the background activity in order to save battery life. But this low power mode sometimes causes problems too. This low power mode cuts off background refresh for apps, shuts off automatic mail retrieval, and stops downloads but in worst cases, it also stops streaming of Spotify by declaring that it is consuming more power.

So if you are using low power mode along with Spotify, it is recommended to stop this mode.

How to do it? 

For iPhone, you simply have to drag down from the top-right corner of the screen and then tap on the battery icon.

Shortcut ;

Directly visit settings then go to privacy settings under it and then pick low power mode from it. And it will be done.

3. Keep Your Device Up to Date

Sometimes Spotify stops working after an update.  Especially if you have not updated the operating system of your device and working on an older version. So you have to ensure that your device must be fully updated and must have the latest version of the OS.

One thing you can do here is to enable automatic updates. And another way is very obvious to check it manually on regular basis.

If you are using an iPhone, then follow the steps given below :

  • Visit the settings of your device.
  • then click on general settings in it.
  • Go to software update and click on it.

If you are using an android, then follow the steps given below :

  • Visit the settings of your device.
  • then go to system updates
  • Then click on Check for system updates.

4. Clear Cache

As we know all smartphones depend upon cache and temp files. Only this way do the smartphones work smoothly. But if the cache has not been cleared on regular basis then this could be the answer to the question – why does Spotify keep on pausing? So you are advised to clear your cache at regular intervals of time.

5. Use a Different Login Method

For this, follow the steps given below :

  1. Go to the “Settings” category in the Spotify app.
  2. Now click on the  “Account Settings” option.
  3. After that, you can add a new email address or can log in from another social network and then quickly log out from the app.
  4. You can also use the new password and user name to log in to the Spotify app. After doing all this, now check by playing some music to check if the issue is resolved.

6. Sign Out Everywhere

Many Spotify users have reported that when they sign out from the Spotify account on all the devices and then login back in. Then this also resolves the issue and Spotify starts functioning well.

So you can try on this hack as well. as many users get successful in resolving this pausing issue of Spotify on their own.

For this, you have to go to the account overview page first. Once e you reached this page, you can scroll down to the bottom of the screen and pick the option stating sign Out Everywhere, Click on this button. And after signing out successfully from all devices. you can log in back with your credentials. It will most probably fix the issue.

 7. Disconnect From Bluetooth Devices

You should also try disconnecting your Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker from your phone. This may be a reason for the question – Why does Spotify keep pausing? So, after disconnecting your Bluetooth device from your phones, try to reconnect them and check whether Spotify is still pausing in between or it starts working smoothly. If it still causing the issue, then try out the next hack mentioned below.

8. Turn Off Data Saver Mode

As we all know that Spotify always has a built-in data saver mode that lowers down the amount of data the app consumes. Because sometimes, when you are streaming on multiple cellular networks, then this data saver mode reduces the quality of songs playing on Spotify and may also interfere with the functioning of the app itself.

To access Data Saver mode, tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen and then tap Data Saver from the list. Ensure the slider is set to Off.

Final Words :

This is all about “Why does Spotify keep pausing”. If you found it informative, then share it maximum.

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