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Why is Wistron NeWeb Corporation on my WiFi network? (Explained)



Wistron NeWeb Corporation

Undoubtedly Wi-Fi Networks are essential to meet the ever-growing demand for Mobile broadband. It comes into our lives some years now and fulfills all the needs of high-speed Internet Connectivity. If you are owing a Wi-Fi Network at your home, it becomes really important to keep track of all the connected devices with your Wi-Fi router. Have you come across a Wistron device or Wistron NeWeb Corporation connected to your home network?

What exactly this device is? How does this device gets connected to your secured network? Whether it is malicious? or lot more such thoughts might be started running through your mind.

But you don’t need to freak out as we are here with a post that will explain in detail what exactly is Wistron Neweb Corporation, along with the ways to get rid of it. So keep reading till the end.

Wistron Neweb Corporation- What is it?

Wistron Neweb Corporation is not a new device instead it is a Wi-Fi Module manufacturer company. It is one of the leading Taiwanese Manufacturer units that used to produce much electronic equipment. You might not hear of this Corporation because this company does not sell its products directly to the people. Rather, it makes products for some popular brands. It is known as the manufacturing arm of Acer.Inc produces notebook and desktop computers, servers, storage, LCD TVs, handheld devices, and devices and equipment for medical applications.

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Why is my Wi-Fi Router Connected to Wistron Device?

If you see that a Wistron Neweb Corporation device is connected to your Network, take a deep breath, as there is nothing serious in it. The possibility is that one of the devices you own is a Wistron Device.

In simpler language, Your device needs a Wi-Fi module in order to connect with the Wi-Fi router. All the wifi enabled gadgets arrived with pre-built Wi-Fi modules. Your device is able to access the Internet through this Wi-Fi module. For identification, the Wi-Fi modules are named after their manufacturing companies.

However, each Wi-Fi Router has the ability to identify the connecting device name and the Wi-Fi module name that is connected to its network. Sometimes due to certain glitches, the Wi-Fi router fails to identify the actual name of the Connected device instead, it shows the manufacturer’s Company’s name of the Wi-Fi module.

So, if you are using any device made by Wistron Neweb Corporation, then sometimes, you will be able to see Wistron in the list of Connected devices.

Identify Which Device shows up as Wistron Device?

Wistron Neweb used to make products for many leading brands such as Lenovo, Acer, Apple, Samsung, and more. All the smart devices such as smart fridges, smart bulbs, Washing Machines, Cameras, or smart plugs are the most common devices you’ll see with this name. So it becomes typical to identify which device has been shown up as a Wistron device.

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To flag out the Wistron device, you need to use the Trial and Error Technique.

For this, disconnect all the connected devices and see if the Wistron device disappears. This easy step will help you identify whether this Wistron device is yours or someone else.

Now, connect the devices one by one and note down their Connected names. In this way, you can easily flag the Wistron device.

What Precautionary Measures should we take to Secure our Wi-Fi Network?

If this Wistron device is yours then there is nothing to fear. However, sometimes the hackers take the name of Wistron device to disguise your device and cause you harm. So it is really important to take some precautionary steps to secure your Wi-Fi Network.

  • It is not recommended to use WPS mode for your router. Although WPS mode is very convenient, but not secure at all. Any hacker can easily gain control of your Wi-Fi Network through this.
  • Using WPA2 PSK is recommended. It is the latest technology in Wi-Fi security that encrypts your passwords according to the protocols.
  • Keep auditing your Wi-Fi router every month to identify any suspicious Connected device.
  • Change the Wi-Fi password every month.
  • Scan your WiFi network with a reliable Antivirus such as Windows Defender or Avast
  • By enabling a Firewall on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What devices does Wistron Neweb Corporation make?

Wistron Neweb Corporation use to make lots of devices such as Wi-Fi antennas and other wireless communication equipment. Besides this, it is used to make devices such as

  • Smart Refrigerator
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smart Plug
  • Washing Machine
  • Smart Cameras

Q2: What does the Wistron Neweb Device showing in my Wi-Fi imply?

It simply indicates that some device that is made by Wistron Neweb Corporation is connected to your Home Wi-Fi Network.

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Q3: Is The Wistron Neweb Device A Malware Or Is It Safe?

Wistron Neweb Device does not cause any harm to your Wi-Fi Network. However, you need to keep a check on such devices just for safety. Make sure this device does not make you go over your data allowance.

Q4: Should we keep connected the Wistron Device to the Wi-Fi Network?

Since there is no harm, it is completely the owner’s choice. If you really want to get rid of this device, then use the error and trial method mentioned above to identify the device and remove it from the network.

Final Words

Well, that’s all about Wistron Neweb Corporation which usually appears on your Wi-Fi Connected devices. With the increase in Cybercrimes, it is obvious that many negative thoughts will trigger when you see a suspicious name under the Connected list. As we explained, Wistron Neweb Corporation is just a company that manufactures electronic parts for some leading brands. So if your router mistakingly displays Wistron you don’t need to worry. Instead, you should take the safety measures mentioned above to make your Network safer, and Stronger.

I hope this post proves to be very helpful for you. To appreciate us, keep sharing the post further with your close ones.

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