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Why Twitter’s Paid “Blue Tick” Verification Is Fundamentally Faulty




Elon Musk quickly turned his brand-new $44 billion toy into a weapon. The most contentious Twitter upgrade so far is what he did to verification, though he has promised many more improvements. According to Musk, anyone who wants to pay for them can now use Twitter’s blue checks.

Elon Musk, the wealthiest man in the world, proposed a series of divisive modifications to the network after buying Twitter on October 27. These ideas are sent out a stream of consciousness from Musk’s Twitter account, with increasing evidence that he is making it up as he continues.

Now, who qualifies for a checkmark? How?

To subscribe to Twitter Blue, you only need a Twitter account, an iOS device, and an Apple ID. At the moment, neither Android devices nor the web supports it. When you sign up, you consent to Twitter receiving an automatic $7.99 monthly payment.

It seems that verified accounts will continue to have free checkmarks for the time being. Twitter, however, has announced that it will no longer accept applications for this kind of verification. As a result, any new prominent accounts, such as those for major brands, news organizations, or universities, will need to purchase Twitter Blue to receive a checkmark.

Open the Twitter app on an iOS device, click on your photo in the top left corner, and then choose Twitter Blue to join up. Go to Settings your name Subscriptions on your iPhone to cancel the subscription. From the list, choose Twitter, then click Cancel Subscription.

Why did Twitter decide to charge for verification?

Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion late last month and assumed business control. Some analysts estimated the value at around half that amount at the closure time and said he overpaid. Investors, however, have gathered to support Musk in his plan to take Facebook private, betting on his ability to overhaul the social media giant. Musk is also the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

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He must now deliver by increasing Twitter’s revenue and developing new revenue streams. Due to the debt Musk incurred upon purchasing the company, Twitter now owes around $1 billion in interest payments every year. Musk is anticipated to reduce costs through hiring freezes and other measures. However, he also needs to identify new sources of income and convince sponsors to continue on the website.

Starting with memberships. Elon Musk said in a tweet on November 1 that he will combine verification with Twitter Blue, his company’s premium service. According to a person with knowledge of the situation who requested anonymity to discuss private concerns, Twitter was thinking about charging up to $20 per month for the right to use the blue check. Stephen King and Elon Musk got into a Twitter argument after the novelist, who was upset, suggested that the website pay him instead.

A series of negative effects

Musk’s ideas on the platform already have a cascade effect of unexpected effects. Accounts with blue ticks started updating their profile pictures and handle to mock Elon Musk. In response, Musk tweeted a new policy suggestion that would terminate Twitter accounts that impersonate other users unless they specifically state that they are doing so as “parody.”

As comic Kathy Griffin and her 2 million followers discovered when her account was suspended for mocking Musk, users won’t even get a warning.

Twitter and the online research community do not share Musk’s vision for user verification.

Although the current system has flaws, it is organized, relatively transparent, and has accountability features. In response to criticism from the public, it was also amendable.

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But Musk’s approach to policymaking is oppressive and confusing. The board of directors was eliminated, leaving the “Chief Twit” in charge with no checks and balances.

We are left with the terrifying realization that in a world where everyone is verified, nobody is verified, creating a fragile and imperfect online public square.

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