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Why You Should Get VPS Hosting for Your Startup



If you are currently starting a new business, it must have crossed your mind whether a shared hosting plan will fulfill your online store’s or business site’s needs.

But have you ever considered a Virtual Private Server (VPS)? With this option, your provider will give you your own virtual server. Within the system, you can customize it to your liking and make your website run smoothly. You’ll have more control, when compared to shared hosting, along with a lot of other benefits.

In this article, we’ll look at how VPS hosting can give your startup a boost. And later, we’ll also discuss when is the right time to get one.
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What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

With more and more business owners moving to VPS hosting, you may wonder what it actually offers. In this section, we’ve compiled VPS hosting’s benefits to answer your questions.

    • Speed and Performance. Your page’s loading time can affect your website’s Google Rank and bounce rate. Therefore, you need to ensure your website scores high on the speed to achieve outstanding performance.

Unlike the shared hosting environment, where you get to share RAM, CPU power, and disk space with the other clients, resources that come with VPS hosting are all yours to utilize. Therefore, VPS hosting can provide you with faster response time, and more stability.

    • Cost-Effectiveness. VPS hosting is the middle ground in the hosting world. It gives you more resources than shared hosting and provides you with features and services that are similar to dedicated server hosting.
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If we look at’s VPS plans, you can subscribe to the service with a range of plans costing between $4-$30 a month. Because of its virtualization technology, you and the other clients hosted on the same server kind of pay for one physical server together, while having your own dedicated resources. Therefore, the cost for each client is relatively low compared to dedicated servers.

    • Reliability, Security, and Privacy. When it comes to security, you should go with a hosting option that allows you to install a firewall and keep your information private.

With VPS hosting, all your site’s information won’t be available to other clients of the same server. Also, choose a hosting provider that provides you with DDoS protection, and has enhanced security and malware protection features.

    • Scalability. Even small businesses can get traffic surges, as they happen at random. Therefore, you need to prepare for the situation.

Virtual servers are highly scalable. As your website grows, you can ask your provider to scale up your resources. More importantly, you can upgrade all resources at any given time without compromising your site’s performance.

    • Control and Customization. One of the perks of getting a VPS is getting the root access. The feature allows you to have full control over your virtual server. You can choose your preferred Operating System (OS) and install any application and extension your website requires. However, keep in mind, that on a Windows Server OS based server you won’t be able to install Ubuntu or other Linux OS, and vice-versa.
    • Support. VPS hosting comes with three types of technical support depending on the plan you choose. They are managed, semi-managed, and unmanaged. When deciding which one to use, you need to consider your technical abilities.
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If you are new to hosting, managed VPS may be the best for your website. Since your provider will take care of most of the technical chores, you can focus on your site.

However, when all you need is a little push, you may want to choose the semi-managed one. With it, you can add and remove applications to meet your site’s requirements. Therefore, you can expect a higher site performance. Keep in mind, that the more managed the hosting, the more expensive it is likely to be.

When should you switch to VPS?

Knowing how you can benefit from hosting your website on a VPS, you may be wondering whether it’s the right time to get one. If you’re still feeling unsure, here are the reasons and signs you should get it:

    • The startup business expects to get a lot of traffic right away. No affordable hosting type is capable of handling traffic surges like VPS hosting. Besides, its scalability allows you to upgrade your resources along with your website’s growth.
    • The startup business is an online store. For an eCommerce website, speed is the most crucial factor for its success. As much as 47% of potential customers expect an online store will load in less than 2 seconds. And 80% would prefer a temporarily down website rather than a slow one.
    • Site is getting slow. A slow website can harm your site’s performance and brand’s reputation. However, as you get more traffic, your site may need many more resources than your current plan can provide it with. Resulting in the site slowing down.
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Therefore, always monitor your website’s speed by testing it with or other similar tools. Make sure your page’s loading time is less than 3 seconds. If by chance, it does slow down, it’s time to upscale your hosting plan.

    • Frequent 503 errors. This type of error is server-related, as it cannot handle the requests. Although it’s actually a temporary one, your potential customers may presume that it’s a permanent error. Once this notification pops up on your visitors’ browser, little is the chance for them to come back to your website ever again.
    • Frequent downtime. Before purchasing a VPS from a provider, check their server uptime first and foremost. Go with one that can guarantee a 99.5% or higher server uptime. Suppose there’s nothing wrong with the uptime. In this situation, your website must be running out of resources.
    • Your business is growing, and you’re already at the highest shared plan. Upgrade to VPS hosting when this happens.


As no business owners hope their business will stop growing, the traffic will only take up more and more of your server’s resources. Therefore, VPS hosting is the best solution for limitless upscaling.



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