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Will there be a Part 4 of 365 Days film on Netflix?



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365 Days debuted on Netflix in 2020 and was loved by the audience worldwide. The movie really engrossed the viewers all around the world thanks to its passionate sex scenes, but the captivating twists and turns are also responsible for its popularity. Today, we sit here, talking about 365 Days 4. Will there be a 365 Days 4?

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Will there be a fourth 365 Days film?

As of The Next 365 Day‘s August 2022 release date, there doesn’t appear to be any plans to continue the film series.

The Netflix film series is actually based on a book series written by Polish author Blanka Lipińska. The third film adapts the story from the third book, with both of them wrapping up Laura and Massimo’s relationship in different ways. (The book ending is very, very different to what happens in the film.)

That said, it’s still possible that Netflix might want to explore a fourth film. And thanks to that ambiguous ending scene in The Next 365 Days, there could be more to Laura and Massimo’s story. (And Laura and Nacho’s story, too.)

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But of course, all of that depends on how many viewers tune in to watch the third film. While the reviews for the movies have been dire, a lot of people have been tuning in to watch them.

If The Next 365 Days proves to be as successful as the first film for the streaming service, number 4 could be a possibility.

Release :

Should Netflix decide to go ahead with a fourth film – and we’ll keep you updated if anything becomes official – there will likely be a little wait before fans can expect to be reunited with Massimo and Laura.

The gap between the second and third entries was very short – less than half a year, in fact – but that was made possible by the fact that the two sequels were both filmed back to back.

Given this hasn’t been the case this time around, we’d probably be waiting a year or two, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything more official.

The Two Sequels

After 365 Days: This Day, the fans didn’t have to wait much because both 365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days were filmed back in 2021, which made it easier to release them with a short gap. The second sequel came up in April 2022, with the third one dropping in August 2022. The trailer for The Next 365 Days came out on August 10.

365 Days 4 trailer: Any 365 Days 4 footage yet?

Alas no. With 365 Days 4 not even confirmed by Netflix, filming hasn’t started and therefore footage will be a long time away. Even the third movie only got its trailer weeks before its release.

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If you need some Laura and Massimo sexy times, you can rewatch the entire trilogy right now on Netflix.

The Next 365 Days is available to watch now on Netflix.

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