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Windows 11 22H2 Update Causing Drop In Gaming Performance, Game Stutters, Frame Rate Drops



Windows 11

Microsoft recently released the Windows 11 2022 Update. While the update includes several new features and improvements, it appears to be causing problems for gaming PCs. The latest Windows 11 2022 (aka Windows 11 22H2) update is causing severe performance issues in some Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, according to multiple reports.

The update started rolling out to the public last week. Many users are reporting instances of stuttering, inconsistent frame rates, and slowdowns, even on PCs that are fitted with the latest components.

The most widespread issue appears to be limited to systems with Nvidia GPUs. Users on Reddit report sluggish frame rates in games, but not just there. Some say there’s stuttering simply from scrolling through web pages. The power of the system doesn’t appear to matter, either.

Windows 11 22H2 update is causing problems for the users

Nvidia has confirmed that the latest Windows 11 update is indeed creating issues for the company’s graphics cards. It says the problem causes by new Windows graphics debugging features that were enabled by mistake in the latest update.

Nvidia is working on the issue after publicly acknowledging it. It releases a new beta version of its GeForce Experience software for PCs which it claims would fix the slowdowns. However, this implies that the issue was likely with Nvidia’s software and not some Windows driver issue as the company was claiming.

Having said that, users are reporting the problem does not arise if you are updating the drivers from the GeForce Experience app directly. It only happens if you do it via the Windows Update console.

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Windows has run into problems with its update cycle.

This is not the first time Windows has run into problems with its update cycle. The company is notorious for messing with performance with new updates to its operating system. That’s why Microsoft has now switched to rolling out updates in small batches. It tests the reliability of the package on a small set of users before going for a wider rollout, provided there are no critical bugs.

Previously, Windows users have complained of critical bugs following an update, such as webcams not working, data loss, broken apps, and many more have plagued users during the first few days of a new update. Our advice: wait till there are no bugs reported in the media before going for the update.

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