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Xbox unveils new controller that sings Benny Blanco, BTS, Snoop Dogg



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Xbox has partnered with Interscope Records, renowned record producer, DJ, and songwriter benny Blanco, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook of 21st-century pop icons BTS, and rapper and actor Snoop Dogg to launch the first ever singing Xbox controller in celebration of their newly released single “Bad Decisions.”

The controller, sure to become a prized-collectible item for gaming and music fans alike, features custom artwork, the names of the artists, and a speaker attached to the back which allows you to listen to the new single out loud through the press of a button.

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“Bad Decisions”

Notably, the official rules for the sweepstakes indicate that the custom “Bad Decisions” singing Xbox controller is intended for display use only. It’s somewhat unclear from the promotional image how exactly one makes it sing, but it does look as if the speaker might be on the underside near what would normally be the battery compartment. Given that it’s for display use, it might not actually be a functional controller, which could allow for any of the buttons to start whatever clip of what one assumes to be “Bad Decisions” playing when pressed.

Xbox offers fans a gaming collectible representing Bad Decisions

With Bad Decision’s release, several fans are plugged into their favorite music app all day long. The tune of the music track is not only pleasing but is also fun and addictive. And gaming has those characteristics too! What better than an eye-catchy red, singing Xbox controller that chants Bad Decisions for you whenever you want?

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The controller plays Blanco’s new single “Bad Decisions,” featuring BTS and Snoop, but there’s only one way to get your hands on one.

Perfect for gaming and music fans alike,

the bright red controller features custom artwork, including the artists’ names, and a speaker attached to the back that plays “Bad Decisions” with the press of a button. Although the controller is not available for purchase, fans can enter for a chance to win one by following and retweeting the announcement from the @Xbox Twitter account.

The new controller features custom artwork,

the names of the artists, and a speaker on the back that plays the new single when you press the dedicated button. Microsoft also said that Forza Horizon 5 will be giving away a custom vehicle to celebrate the launch of the single. It will be downloadable in the game from the “Gifts” tab within the Message Center.

If you’re interested in getting the controller,

you’ll have to follow and retweet a post from the Xbox Twitter account. According to the terms and conditions, you must have done the actions by August 25 when the contest closes. If you’re a winner, Microsoft will reach out within seven days after the entry period closes.

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