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YouTube Adds ‘Shorts’ Shortcut Button to App Home Screens in India



YouTube Shorts

YouTube has been working on the latest addition to the app which is called ‘Shorts’. This is a feature like reels in Instagram. Basically these are short videos uploaded on YouTube. Lately, YouTube has been working on the creation of a shortcut button for YouTube Shorts.

As explained by YouTube:

“We’ll be adding a Shorts icon to the top or bottom row of the mobile app that makes it easier for you to tap and watch Shorts on YouTube. Those who are in the experiment will either see a Shorts icon in place of the Explore tab (with the Explore icon moved to the top row) or will see a Shorts icon in place of the Cast icon in the top row (casting can still be done in the player while watching a video).”

According to YouTube, they are rigorously working on the development and successful implementation of this feature.

Short videos are in trend these days as many viewers follow the similar feature in Tik-Tok app (banned in India) and Instagram reels.

As per the reports, YouTube has added the ‘Shorts’ button to its mobile app home screen in India. This experiment is currently available to a small group of users in India using the YouTube app on Android and iOS.

Shorts is very beneficial for those who want to create short, crisp and to-the-point videos who have gadget constraints. This is so because this can be shot by just using their mobile phones.

The Shorts icon will be placed to the top or bottom row of the mobile app to make it easier for users to tap and watch Shorts on YouTube.

Content created using the Shorts camera is limited to 15 seconds. While anything up to 60 seconds can appear on the shelf, Google has recommended creators to focus on 15-second videos that are quickly and easily enjoyed by viewers.

How to create YouTube Shorts?

A Short can be any vertical video that is 60 seconds or less in duration. You can create one using YouTube’s video creation tools or upload one created elsewhere.

YouTube’s latest short-form video creation tool, the Shorts camera, makes it easy to create videos that are up to 15 seconds long with the option to capture multiple clips. You can also use various creative features, including:

  • Music: Pick from a selection of songs that are free to use.
  • Speed control: Choose to speed up or slow down recording.
  • Timer: Set the Countdown to record hands-free and the Stop point to automatically stop recording.

End Note

Launched in September, the app is currently available in beta version with a handful of new creation tools. Currently, creators in India can use YouTube’s latest short-form video creation tool, the Shorts camera.

This feature will help and motivate many content creators and developers to come forward and share their talent.

This will shortly emerge as a platform for many in showcasing their talent even if they have certain constraints.

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