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YouTube announces it will certify medical experts in anti-‘misinformation’ push




Video streaming platform YouTube announces on Thursday that it will certify channels of licensed health professionals like doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and healthcare information providers who produce health-related content.

The feature was introduced last year, but was only open to large organizations and institutions. When verified, YouTube creators with licenses will gain features. This will allow viewers to easily understand that the content is coming from authoritative sources.

YouTube said. “This is a big step towards helping people more easily find and connect with content that comes from the extraordinary community of healthcare professionals on YouTube.”

YouTube starts Certifying Health Professional Channels

In addition to doctors and nurses, mental health professionals and healthcare information providers may also apply for the YouTube verification that allows their videos to be spotted easily by users.

While these features were available to select institutions like educational institutions, public health departments, hospitals and government entities at launch, the company is now expanding the program and inviting U.S.-based health creators to apply for this program.

To access the program, healthcare professionals must offer proof of their professional licenses, follow best practices for sharing science-based health information and have a channel in good standing on YouTube, the company said.

The streaming platform has set a bunch of requirements for creators applying for this certification: they should primarily have health content on the channel; they must have more than 2,000 watch hours of public videos in the last 12 months; and they must attest that they are a licensed doctor, nurse or mental health professional.

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Certified Health Care Professionals Channels will appear in relevant Search Results

All the channels that have applied will be reviewed against these guidelines. The license of the applying healthcare professional will be verified.

After this process, eligible channels will be given a health source information panel. It helps to identify them as licensed healthcare professionals, and their videos will appear in relevant search results.

The caveat is that if a creator makes a video that’s not directly related to healthcare, the channel still retains the label. Their video might also show up on the health content shelf if the creator uses keywords related to a medical condition.

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