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YouTube app’s new modification in seek bar may annoy Android, iOS users



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Youtube is making changes in its app and users are opposing these modifications. Youtube is removing the ability to tap on the seek bar to skip videos that means users wouldn’t be able to simply tap to a specific time in the video to go forward or backward. Nevertheless, now users can scrub the video to move to the point from where they wish to watch it. Though it is the perfect fix to stop accidental taps especially in the full-screen mode, the procedure becomes a bit irritating.

According to Android Police, this change will appear only on mobile apps means Android and iOS users will face this hurdle. This was observed a week ago in official support threads as well where people did complain about it but wasn’t sure if this was a test, bug, or an official rollout.

A week ago, one of the Google Silver Product Managers confirmed this move in a thread. “Previously on Android, users could tap anywhere on the seek bar to jump to that point in the video, and on iOS, users need to tap and hold at a point on the seek bar to do the same. The new experience will be the same across Android and iOS, where users need to tap on a point on the seek bar, make a horizontal scrubbing gesture with their finger in order for the scrubber to jump to that point in the video, and once the user lifts their finger, the video will jump to that point as well,” he said.

Finally, you have two choices Either drag the seek bar to the point from where you want to watch, or double-tap on either side of the video to move or rewind by 5-10 seconds. This seek bar change is said to arrive as a server-side update.

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