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YouTube bans all Coronavirus Vaccine news.




YouTube bans all the news related to “Coronavirus Vaccine.”

The Video Platform YouTube said it will ban all the videos spreading misinformation about the Coronavirus Vaccine that contradict consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization.

YouTube recently ban videos on sensitive topics. The YouTuber will not be able to make money by sharing videos on sensitive topics. YouTube will shut down the ads( Source of income for YouTubers).

Currently, Coronavirus Outbreak is considered as a sensitive topic. Tom Leung, product officer at YouTube, said in a recent video that all videos focused on this topic will be demonetized until further notice.

The company’s advertising guidelines state that sensitive topics — usually with a “loss of life, typically as a result of a pre-planned malicious attack” — are normally not suitable for advertising. These videos will still available on the platform, but the YouTubers can’t make money from YouTube’s built-in ad service.

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Conspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine have spread on social media during the epidemic, including anti-vaccine personalities on YouTube and via viral videos shared on multiple platforms.

YouTube said in the recent blog post that it will remove all the claims about the vaccine like the vaccine will kill people or cause Infertility.

A YouTube Spokesperson told Reuters that general discussions in the video about “widespread concerns” about the vaccine would remain on stage.

YouTube says that it already removes content that disputes the existence or transmission of COVID- 19, promotes medically unsaturated methods of treatments, prevents people from seeking medical care, or clearly dispute

Although drug makers and researchers are working on various treatments, the vaccines are at the heart of a long-term battle to stop the new coronavirus, which has killed more than one million people, infected more than 38 million, and crippled the global economy.


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