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YouTube is making its own Twitch-like emotes



Starting today, YouTube will offer its own unique emotes. Although the site previously permitted individual broadcasters to provide their own reactions and emotes, the YouTube Emotes, which are similar to Twitch emotes, may be used across YouTube in comment sections and during live chats. Gaming-related emotes are the initial emphasis of YouTube, but more will come over time.

When you open YouTube’s emoji picker, a list of YouTube emotes will appear underneath a channel’s current custom emotes. Like Twitch’s system-wide default emotes have names for autocomplete, YouTube’s emotes also have particular names, so you can simply enter “:cat-orange-whistling:” for example. It will instantly fill a remark with an orange cat whistling.

It’s hardly unexpected that there isn’t a pogchamp emote, but YouTube hasn’t even made the well-known LUL Twitch emote the default. However, some of them display GG and buffering.

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