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YouTube New feature allow creators change their channel name without changing Google account





  • YouTube now lets creators change their channel names without changing their entire Google account.
  • Until now, creators had to change their name and icon for their entire Google account.
  • There will be no impact on your custom URL or Official Channel Music Note if you change your name.

YouTube is finally allowing creators to change their channel name and profile picture without affecting their Google account. YouTube creators will now be able to have a channel name and profile picture that is different from what is shown on their Google account. Until now, changing your YouTube channel name or profile picture would reflect on your Google account as well, and on Gmail.

YouTube New feature Benefits:

The new system should offer a bit more flexibility for creators who might prefer to send emails under their actual name instead of their channel name. Both personal and brand accounts will be able to use the new channel name-changing feature. YouTube says the feature is a “top request from creators” and that it’ll be rolling out starting today.

If you’re verified on YouTube and change your channel name, you’ll lose your verification badge and need to reapply. But there will be no impact on your custom URL or Official Channel Music Note if you change your name.

On the desktop, you can change a channel name and picture by going to YouTube Studio and then Customization, where they’re located under the Basic Info and Branding tabs. On mobile, you need to tap your profile picture, then your channel, and then hit “Edit channel.”

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How to change your YouTube channel name and profile picture on mobile?

1. Open the YouTube app, and tap your profile picture.

2. Tap Your channel > Edit channel.

3. To change your name, enter your updated name and tap OK.

4. To change your profile picture, tap your picture, and select an existing photo or take a new one. Tap Save.

The change will help keep your YouTube name and content separate from your Google services, such as Gmail and Google Docs. That way if you need to send an email for school or work, your real name will appear, not your YouTube name.

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