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YouTube now lets you like, comment, or share a video right from the full screen view




YouTube has refreshed its application for Android and iOS with a helpful new feature. The world’s biggest video sharing stage will presently have more options on its full-screen view. This will assist viewers with performing more actions, right from the video view and will eliminate the need to limit the video regularly to perform such tasks.

YouTube users can now like, dislike, or comment on a video right from the full-screen view.

Up to this point, users have frequently needed to leave a full-screen perspective on a YouTube video for a long time. For sharing a video with a companion, for instance, the work requires you to leave full-screen, slant your telephone to representation mode once more, scroll down to the share choice and share the video. With the new options on the full-screen mode, you can now do as such while never leaving the full-screen view. There are, of course, different actions inside this outline now as well.

The update is apparently live for both Android and iOS and we had the option to recognize it for a long time of devices at the hour of composing. With the update, YouTube presently shows the buttons for – Like, Dislike, Comment, Add to Playlist, and Share, on the base left space of a video being played in full screen.

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Users will even be able to add it to a playlist or share it with a friend.

Alongside this, the Listening Controls choice takes the middle space beneath the video, while the base right shows the “More Videos” choice. As in the past, the upper-right space on the full-screen view shows the Autoplay switch, cast, subtitle flip, and video settings where you can adjust the video resolution and playback speed.

The new UI elements are absolutely helpful assuming you will more often than not use YouTube mostly in the full-screen view. You can now like, dislike, or remark on a video while never stepping out of the full screen. All the more significantly, you will actually want to add a video to your playlist. Tapping on the choice naturally saves the video in your last favored playlist. In any case, to choose the playlist for the video, simply hold the playlist choice in the full screen and it will raise every one of your playlists to choose from. The share choice close to it will also allow you to share the video with your friends easily.

Premium subscribers will even see Listening controls in the full-screen view.

Listening controls, for Premium subscribers, set at the focal point of the full-screen view, will more often than not raise a speedy control board for your videos on the right, where you can play/pause, switch videos, and even skip or rewind your video. The board also lets you like the video, save it to your playlist, or adjust its playback speed. Note however that the listening controls vanish assuming you close the board subsequent to opening it once. You will then, at that point, need to reappear the full-screen model to see it at the base bar.

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