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YouTube Shorts Could Be Getting a Voiceover Feature, APK Teardown Suggests




  • YouTube Shorts might be getting a custom voiceover feature soon.
  • Shorts are vertical videos that are 60 seconds or less.
  • Shorts make it possible for any creator to connect with our billions of viewers to grow a new audience.

YouTube introduced Shorts back in 2020 as a direct rival to the rapidly growing TikTok. The 60-second videos, which you can edit within the app with some basic filters, captions, and color correction will now be taken a new feature from ByteDance’s network. It appears you will soon be able to change the voiceover without using a third-party video editing app. YouTube is adding a dedicated button that allows users to record a track and easily overlay it before uploading.

Currently, the YouTube app on Android only lets you add sounds from YouTube’s library to Shorts. If you want to add a custom audio clip, you have to record it separately and then add it to the video using a third-party video editor. The upcoming voiceover feature aims to address this issue.

Create Youtube Shorts with sampled audio content

Shorts creation tools let you create Shorts by sampling music from official music videos or original audio from videos across YouTube. Get creative and use this feature to show your unique spin on the content you love to watch!

From the Shorts player

To create a Short from the short video player using that Short’s audio:

  1. Sign in to the YouTube app on mobile.
  2. Go to the Short you’d like to sample.
  3. In the lower-right corner, tap sound to see other Shorts that used the same audio.
  4. Tap USE THIS SOUND to Create a Short.
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From a video watch page

To create a Short from a watch page using that video’s audio

  1. Sign in to the YouTube app on mobile.
  2. Go to the video you’d like to sample.
  3. Under the video player, tap Create to start a Short.

You can create a Short using a song from the music library or the original audio from many other short and long-form videos. Shorts made with sampled audio are attributed back to the source creator’s original video.

If you choose to use audio from others’ videos, the owner may delete their original content or restrict the use of their long-form content in Shorts at any time. When this happens, any derivative Shorts will be audio muted, unlisted, and scheduled for deletion in 30 days.

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