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YouTube Shorts on TV: Soon will be able to watch Shorts Videos on bigger Screens



YouTube Shorts on TV

YouTube Shorts are now arriving on bigger screens. The Video Streaming Platform is bringing this 60 seconds video format to Television sets. The Platform is all set to release the Shorts for smart television models, game consoles, and streaming devices in 2019 or later in the coming weeks.

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, wrote in a blog post:

“Today, we’re expanding viewing access to Shorts to our fastest growing surface: the TV screen. While this may seem like a natural next step, an incredible amount of thought and care has brought this vertical, mobile-first experience to the big screen.”

YouTube Shorts on TV: Rollout Schedule

Users can experience YouTube Shorts on their TV Models (2019 or later). Viewers can subscribe to the YouTube channels of creators who make those shorts. They have the choice to like or dislike the videos. Besides Television, The Platform is also bringing YouTube Shorts to feature the gaming console.

YouTube is rolling out the modified version of YouTube Shorts after several rounds of testing. The modified version includes comments, like and subscribe buttons, and finding related videos. It plans to bring additional functionality in future releases. There are reports that once the feature is rolled out, it will be available on the homepage of the YouTube app or on the channel page.

It is difficult to say whether YouTube Shorts will adapt well to the Bigger Television Screens. However, the Company ensures that the Shorts viewing experience on TV is consistent with what users see on mobile.

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In a short span of time, the Short Videos format got a lot of attention. Creating the Shorts Video is fun and easy for the creators. But after the launch of TikTok’s smart TV app, the consumption of short videos increased on big screens too. It compels YouTube to bring outfits its own YouTube Shorts feature to keep up with the race.

The Company also talked about the challenges it faces while experimenting with vertical short videos on the horizontal display of smart TV. “Bringing Shorts to TV is a great bridge to bring two of our most important experiences together to benefit both creators and viewers,” said YouTube in its blog post.

Talking about the Accessibility of the feature, the Company reveals that users can control the videos through the remote by clicking directly on the short video through remote. The Company also removed the Autoplay feature for YouTube Shorts on TV. So users will have to select the YouTube Shorts video to watch them manually. The Company will add more functionalities shortly.

How to Access YouTube Shorts on TV?

Users can access the Shorts on the YouTube app on their Smart TV by navigating down the homepage, where they will see a panel of recommended shorts. Alternatively, users can find Shorts on TV through a creator’s channel. Users can go to the creator’s channel by clicking on their profile icon and then navigating down on the Shorts shelf to see all the creator’s Shorts.

It gonna interesting to see how Vertical Shorts will adapt to the wider screens.

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