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YouTube Technical Tips for Better Rankings



Times change, but YouTube remains one of the most popular social networks around the world. No wonder that people turn their attention to it as an instrument for expressing themselves, gain the rating of their brand, or share their hobbies and lifestyle. The actual description of how the YouTube ranking system works is secret for users, but there are some techniques and tips that are proved by the time and increase the chance to get a better ranking on the platform. Some people believe that it is enough to purchase YouTube views if you expect to bring the desired traffic to your blog. It is true, sometimes it’s enough but to get a better rating on youtube, in addition, you will have to put effort into your growth. And here you will learn helpful SEO tips for your success on this network.

Helpful SEO Tips for Better Rankings of Youtube channel

The Art Of Tagging

Possessing proper tags attached to your videos is one of the crucial things to do when you upload your content on YouTube. Well, to be honest, this statement is true for Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms as well. Basically, these are keywords that will lead targeted users to the videos, so never neglect the role of tags in the ranking algorithm of YouTube. Tags are helping both users and the system to categorize and comprehend the purpose of your content, so it will reach the objectives that you set.

In fact, tags are a subtle but effective method to expand your target group, if you will put in the right ones. To embrace the possibilities of tags on YouTube at their fullest, keep in mind the key types of them:

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LSI keywords – around 2 – 4 per video, for expanding the reach

Topic related tags – the major portion of your tag space, but strive to maintain the amount of general and more specific terms proportional

Branding terms – something that will assist the system to recognize your videos as the related units.

The tag section on Youtube has a limit of 500 characters, and each keyword can be no bigger than 30 characters.

Good Title Thinking

A compelling title is what attracts users, more views and gives them an understanding that your video is just what they were looking for. Along with the thumbnails, which will be discussed later, the headline is the first thing a user sees, and the name means a lot in this matter.

Make your titles similar to the headlines from a good magazine or newspaper – informative, intriguing, yet not too “clickbait” tabloid style. You should also include the most related keywords in your title, to increase the discoverability of your uploads.

Unexpected Ally – Subtitles!

You may be surprised, but subtitles are a massive help in your SEO! Think about it – it’s just a great bunch of text, which syncs with your words, and among those words would definitely be the keywords! Thus, the process of rating your content is easier for the system to identify, and as a consequence, you get a more accurate targeting, which brings an increased rating on YouTube and views number.

Besides, nowadays the videos that have subtitles included, can stimulate your engagement and widen your target group!

Don’t Forget The Description

Oh yes, another opportunity to squeeze in more keywords, and boost your ranking. Description of the video is what can retain your potential viewers because many people are reading it before they even start watching. For your blog, the more keywords you have implanted in your texts, the better for the rating, as you increase your chances to hit the accurate recipients (or viewers).

A useful practice is to include an informative paragraph about your channel in each video, along with important links. This method aids to trigger the interest in your channel in general and provoke users to explore your account and watch more videos, hence you get a better ranking as your view counter starts spinning.

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Aim For Increasing Your Engagement

Along with SEO factors, the basic need for boosting your rankings is maintaining the user activity on your YouTube videos. It means that you have to make sure that people not just watch your content, but are hitting the like button, sharing, and commenting on it. Lively discussions usually attract more viewers, and your task is to encourage them to talk. Here are some universal tips for increasing the level of engagement on your channel:

  • Use calls to action, to remind about their actions and welcome users

Image source

  • Ask questions
  • Set up the topic for discussion in the pinned comment
  • Reply as soon as possible
  • Respond to new comments under your older uploads, if such would appear

Customize The Thumbnails

It is hard to emphasize enough, how significant is this small picture for your discoverability on YouTube. The grieve mistake is to use automatically generated thumbnails – such videos incline to gain fewer views compared to the ones that have custom-made pictures.

This small image is what drives the attention of the user to your content, and provides them an understanding of what your video is about. Bright and distinct pictures are catchy and serve as proof of your devotion to the content making. The key things to remember when you are producing a thumbnail for your videos are:

  • Make sure that the picture corresponds to the content of your films, but it doesn’t reveal too much
  • Pay vigilance to the colors you wish to use – choose bright, complementary colors that match and give your image a distinctive look
  • If possible, accommodate portraits in your image to give users a hint on the mood of your video
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Point The Way To Other Videos

If people watch more of your content – you win. But never rely on the algorithm, as sometimes it redirects users elsewhere, but not to your next video. To secure the continuous discovery of your content, you must invite users to do so yourself. There are some effective methods to do that.

End-caps. It is a small remark at the end of your current video, that explains and guides the watcher to the next one, by mentioning the link or putting the internal cards. Also, bloggers often input their words of gratitude to motivate their audience

End screen. This is a built-in window, surprise, at the very end of your film, that contains the link to another video. It basically looks like a thumbnail, so here is a fair reason to put in some text to your thumbnails

Organize the playlists. This is a decent method to provide almost automatic video hopping – the playlist feature will automatically start reproducing the following video if the user doesn’t deny that action. Uniting the videos into related playlists shows your organization and makes the exploring of your channel easier and more pleasant for viewers


YouTube ranking is a complex system that can work in your favor. But it requires intense attention from you. You must count on many factors and do some research before you begin to launch your promotion. All the SEO on YouTube starts with finding the perfect set of keywords and enhancing your skills to input these keywords subtly everywhere you can. Then comes all the job that is targeted on communication with the audience because it is their attention and appreciation for what you seek.


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