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YouTube to introduce transcription feature to Android app. See details here




Google is going to introduce a transcription feature for its YouTube app that will provide a transcript of any video on the app. Up until now, the feature was available on the YouTube desktop site, where users could easily see the complete transcription of the video that they are planning to upload. There’s a dedicated “Show Transcript” button below the video’s description. The transcript itself is quite similar to its desktop version, it’s just adapted to the mobile’s UI, GSM Arena said.

This feature is particularly useful for long videos, as it helps to find or extract favorite quotes by searching the video’s auto-generated transcript. Like most Google app updates, this one appears to be server-side.

YouTube New Transcription feature: How it works?

Once the video is uploaded on the website, all you need to do is tap on the “Show Transcript” button below the video’s expansion and see the transcript of the video. The UI in the app is also almost similar to that of the desktop.

The feature is a server-side update, hence if you don’t have this feature yet, you will have to wait to receive it. As per the report, mobile app users can scroll through the transcript while watching the video. They can read along with a video or jump directly to a timecode with this feature.

In another related update, Android users will no longer be able to use the popular YouTube Vanced application. According to the report, the creators of Vanced have decided to shut down the application in the coming days due to “legal reasons.”

It introduces a new indicator that will show if a channel is live on the platform.

On a related note, YouTube introduces a new indicator that will show if a channel is live on the platform. When a channel is live-streaming, viewers will now see a ring with the word “Live” on it around the channel’s profile picture. Users can just tap on the profile picture to join the live stream. This feature aims to make it easier for the users to spot if a channel is live-streaming while browsing.

One of the major highlights of this roadmap includes its investment in NFTs. The company also said that it is planning to make listening more immersive using the metaverse. “The first area in which you can expect to see an impact in gaming, where we’ll work to bring more interactions to games and make them feel more alive,” the YouTube executive added.

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