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YouTube TV takes a page from Google Television’s live tab design



google television's tab design

YouTube TV takes a page from Google Television’s tab design: YouTube Television’s fresh Live Manual tab. Which debuted this year, is a breath of fresh air thanks to the wire-cutter built-in integrated scrolling through countless channels to find something to watch. Interested in them. Now it’s easier than ever to embed the content you’re into virtually with its concise grid, curated tips, and episode details integrated across the top.

It’s also a method that will help you avoid selection fatigue. Which can appear when you have too many well-organized built-in to choose from. However, Google hasn’t made any changes to the Stream built-in television carrier’s channel manual built-in interface. With a new mini-integrated or redecorated interface now making its way to users.

Check what Reddit user said

As stated by a Reddit user, YouTube TV’s live manual now shows channel tiles in a much cleaner design. The update carries the User Interface more in line with Google TV’s updated live tab. Which came in April with the launching the platform’s free. Built-in streaming channels alongside free channels for all users.

Google Television’s tab design: Changes to the Live Guide include new radial edges on the channel tiles and a darker history. This fresh look makes it easy to add to whatever you’re building, from live and upscaled suggestions to built-in and tested titles.

Google has always been known for its built-in integrated layout. So it would come as no surprise if subtle layout cues from the new YouTube Television Live manual make their way into other parts of the platform. However, for now it seems like these changes are embedded in the joy of live television.

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$8 off their monthly bill for the first 3 months

YouTube Television is redesigning its Stay Guide as it recognizes the importance of first impressions. When it comes to Stream built-in services. Live Guide is often the primary integrated one that users look at. So built-in integration made it more visually built-in and easier to use, provider hopping to attract new cord-cutters who want a person-friendly stream built-in experience—integrated.

The new design comes weeks after YouTube Television launched a 3-week trial for new Unified subscribers and offered an $8 discount on their monthly Unified for the first three months, bringing the rate down to $64/month. 


Is the YouTube TV channel free?

$64.99 per month.

How many days YouTube TV is free?

14 days

Can I cancel the YouTube TV after the free trial?

Yes, You can cancel or pause your membership of YouTube TV at any time

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