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YouTube warns creators regarding copyright issue before posting videos





  • The American online video-sharing platform YouTube has begun rolling out a new tool.
  • The tools check the video and tell creators about potential copyright claims.
  • The copyright checks usually finish within three minutes.

In an effort to make the process of uploading a video and receiving ad revenue easier, The company is rolling out a new tool called “Checks” using which youtube warns creators if their video contains copyrighted material.

The new tool automatically check videos and alert creators of potential copyright claims and ad sustainability restrictions before the videos are published. Earlier, creators just uploaded their videos to YouTube without worrying about copyright violations.

YouTube warns creators before posting videos

With Checks, YouTube will be effectively cut down the amount of “yellow icons”. The yellow dollar sign next to a video means that ad revenue is being held back due to copyright issues or ad guideline violations.

The copyright checks usually finish within three minutes, while monetization checks can take a couple of minutes longer. You’ll see a time estimate on the screen,” YouTube said.

If the Content ID matches the creator’s video to that of another rights holder, the YouTuber who is about to upload the video is going to receive a notice from Check. The next step would be to find a way to remove that part of the video in time.

If a copyright claim is found, creators will have to figure out a way to address the issue when they click on “See details” and if there is an ad-suitability issue, creators will see an option to “Request a review”.

While all this is great, what happens when Checks raises a copyright claim but the creator does not think he/she did anything wrong?

Well, YouTube is going to allow creators to dispute the claim before publishing. But since claims take a few days to process, the creators will have an option to wait till the dispute is settled and then publish the video or publish the video while they wait for the final result.

If it is found that the creator did not use the copyrighted content, the ad revenue earned over the wait time will be paid out, if it turns out that there has been a violation of copyright, the right holder will get the money instead.

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