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Zoom Discontinues Chrome OS App, Chromebook Users Are Left With Progressive Web App Option



Zoom Chrome OS


  • Zoom has reportedly withdrawn its unique Chrome OS extension.
  • Now, customers only have Zoom Progressive Web App (PWA) as the best choice.
  • Chrome OS customers can set up the PWA like an Android app.

Zoom has discontinued the functionality of its original Chrome OS extension, leaving users only with the PWA. To join meetings from Chrome OS, users are now required to “download” the Zoom PWA either by installing from the web or through the Google Play Store. The original app has been removed from the Chrome Web Store and is only accessible via a direct link.

Whenever a user opens Zoom’s Chrome OS extension, a notification pops, informing them to upgrade to join meetings. The PWA can install like an Android app on the play store and it functions just like the Zoom app on other platforms.

On Windows or Mac desktop, it gives options like customizable gallery perspectives, self-select breakout rooms, living transcriptions, living translations with assigned interpreters, background protecting function for privateness, and raised hand and assembly reactions. Chrome OS customers can obtain the Zoom PWA from the Web or Google Play to sign up for conferences. The app has won a mean 3.5 stars ranking on Google Play.

In a blog post, the company announced that the PWA will include at least some of the advanced capabilities of standalone Zoom programs, notably the ability for participants to join breakout rooms, request remote control, create and launch polls, and Q&A sessions, and enable or disable video receiving.

New and enhanced features

Prevent participant renaming when signed-in via Google or SSO
Admins can now disable the ability for participants on ChromeOS to rename themselves before joining a meeting if signed in via Google or SSO. This is control by the Google Admin console with the GoogleLoginRenameDisabled and SSOLoginRenameDisabled policies.

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Support for 100 Breakout Rooms on ChromeOS
Accounts that have the increased Breakout Room capacity enabled will be able to utilize this feature on ChromeOS as an attendee.

The issues facing the PWA version of Zoom for Chrome OS include; the gallery view option is no longer support on most Chromebooks. Some users face problems with microphone settings, and some complain that the app sometimes makes them sign out of accounts at random.

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