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3 Hospitality Business Tips & Advice To Use For Your Company This Year



Whether you’ve just launched a new business in the hospitality industry, or you’ve been established for a while and want to know how to grow your brand, this article is here to help. Here are three key hospitality business tips to help you stand out from the competition, grow your brand, and take your business to new levels of success.

Good service is key to success in the hospitality industry which is why ongoing staff training is a must. When it comes to catering, a kitchen will run more efficiently when staff are properly trained, and this will minimise the risk of slow service and customer complaints. Front of house staff must be trained thoroughly in customer service to ensure they provide a warm, welcoming and professional atmosphere that will keep customers coming back time and time again.

It goes without saying that training should be provided to any new recruits, but it also pays to provide top-up training on a regular basis. It can be hard to take in a lot of new information at once, and regular training ensures maximum information retention so that there is less risk of mistakes being made. Plus, it means that if any improper habits or procedures crop up they can be dealt with efficiently.

Investing in regular training can certainly pay off in the long term. When staff are adequately trained, there is less risk of mistakes being made – mistakes that could be expensive to rectify. Improper use of kitchen equipment due to inadequate training could lead to damaged equipment which might be expensive to repair or replace. Bad customer experiences caused by inadequately trained staff could lead to poor customer retention and therefore a reduction in profits. By providing proper training you can set your staff up for success, and with a successful, hardworking team your hospitality business is far more likely to thrive.

  • Modernise your payment options

Payment technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade and hospitality businesses have more options than ever before when it comes to processing payments. It’s vital to stay up to date with technology and streamline wherever possible. Managing money through cashless payments is the new norm, and without this option available you could be missing out on a huge sector of the market. You should at the very least be able to accept card payments via a fixed or mobile payment terminal, preferably with contactless payment available. Many customers are also keen to pay via their mobile phone so that they don’t even have to carry a card!

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Mobile payment options can be more convenient for your business as well as your customers. With mobile card-reading terminals or the ability to process payments on tablets or phones, you can take payments anywhere such as directly at the customers’ tables in restaurants, or on the doorstep when you do food deliveries. By creating an app you could allow customers to make orders and payments on their phones, perform additional tasks such as booking tables, checking out of hotel rooms, and leaving feedback. Plus, you could incorporate a customer loyalty scheme to incentivise return visits.

Companies like Independent Merchant Services can help hospitality businesses to discover the best payment services for their unique organisation. From assessing your business to understanding what type of payment technology is the right fit and direct you to service providers with the best possible rates to help you maximise profits, merchant providers are the perfect way to help grow your business by optimising your payment processes.

  • Make your advertising digital

Increasing numbers of consumers are turning to digital channels to seek out hospitality businesses. People look to the likes of Google, Yelp and Tripadvisor for recommendations, or to social media to check out the latest popular establishments. To ensure you get customers through the door, it’s essential that you use digital and social media marketing to your advantage.

It’s a great idea for hospitality businesses to have a website and social media pages to connect with potential customers. You can use these platforms to share essential information about your business and generate buzz around your brand. It can be helpful to invest in a marketing agency if you’re lacking in time or knowledge to manage your digital presence. Having an eye-catching logo, a professional website and a unified tone of voice on social media can go a long way in showcasing your business for reaching your target market.

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If you don’t have a huge budget to work with, make the most of the free advertising that social media can bring. Encourage customers to tag you on social platforms, incentivising them with free products or vouchers where possible. Stay up to date with the latest trends and hashtags so that you can create attention-grabbing content around it. Keep on top of notifications on social media too so that you can respond swiftly to customer enquiries and generate plenty of user engagement to keep your page in the news feeds of potential clientele.

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