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7 Technologies That Will Transform Online Casinos in 2022



Technology Trends Transforming the Gambling And Casino Industry In 2021

The online gambling industry is ever-evolving. Although its foundations remain the same, the end product has noted tremendous progress compared to casino sites that ruled the market in the early 2010s. Despite the advance, many are wondering if there is some wiggle room left to improve things even further? The answer is yes, there is.

Rise of the Crypto

The immense popularity of cryptocurrencies is yesterday’s news. With so many coins on the market, it is not difficult to foresee how cryptos will make a huge impact on the world of online gaming. Discreet, fast, and incredibly efficient, they beat traditional payment methods such as bank transfers to the ground.

Geo-Tracking Benefits

As more and more countries decide to tie a regulatory knot around the cryptos’ neck, operators are forced to implement sophisticated geo-tracking algorithms. They immediately scan the customer’s IP address and adjust the content on the website to the legal requirements of their jurisdiction. Thanks to it, casinos such as AmazonSlots in the UK protect both customers and themselves from getting involved in breaching the law.

Safety with 2-Step Authentication

Two-step authentication is becoming an option that is highly appreciated by gamers who want their gambling accounts to be as safe as a baby in a mother’s arms. By combining standard login with short-term codes, safety is no longer a concern.

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5G Internet Rules

One of the most notable improvements is the introduction of 5G internet. According to experts from Ericsson, 5G internet is 100 times faster and more reliable than 4G, which means data travels faster and more reliable than ever. Sounds great! But what does that mean for you?

Increasing Popularity of Live Casino Streaming

Well, it can be said that players will shift to live casino gaming more and more, as it will be more reliable and more realistic than ever. This type of gaming requires a strong internet connection to shine, and with 5G, they will finally find their place in the spotlight.

Virtual Reality for More Immersive Experience

Furthermore, we may finally witness the advent of virtual reality and VR sets. It wouldn’t be wrong to say how in 2022, live casino games will deliver a complete Vegas experience. With your VR set on, you will enter a casino that feels as real as you and me, with chips clanking and slot machines joyfully playing in the background.

Artificial Intelligence for Custom-Made Gaming

Another improvement that will follow after 5G starts to dominate our lives is artificial intelligence in online casinos. It will be less fascinating than in the SF movies, but it will improve the overall experience nonetheless. The power behind AI is that it can provide you with a more customized interface and game selection, all based on your behaviour and preferences. For instance, the AI algorithm may keep track of your gaming results, and then adjust the suggestions to your results. That way, you’ll always have a hand-picked number of games to enjoy, all based on your results so far.

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