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7 Ways a Business Can Improve How It Handles Customer Calls



Many businesses rely heavily on both inbound and outbound phone calls as a means of communicating with their customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a well-rounded plan for ensuring that those customers are satisfied with the outcome of any communication they have with you. Read on for seven tips to ensure this happens.

Use Microsoft Teams Telephony

Microsoft teams might be well known for allowing workers to communicate with one another through a variety of different means, such as text and video calling. However, it can also be hugely important when it comes to handling customer calls since it allows for easy note-taking, collaboration, and enhanced customer service. Find out more here:

Reduce Their Time On Hold

No one likes to spend time on hold, so try to reduce this as much as you can. This might mean choosing some additional methods for people to get in touch, like a chat service on your website, for example. Or you might need more people answering the phones. Whatever you choose, if it means customers aren’t kept waiting for too long, it’s a good idea.

Pick Up Promptly

Just as having to wait on hold for a long time can cause a customer to feel angry by the time they actually get to speak to someone, so too can having to listen to the phone ring a number of times before it’s answered. Although this can’t be helped in some cases, if it’s possible, you should answer the phone within three rings and always say the company name so the person on the other end of the phone knows they’ve got the right place.

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Listen Carefully

Support staff members are always multitasking. They have an overwhelming amount of responsibilities, dozens of phone calls to answer, and numerous facts to remember. This is fine, but they need to pay attention to the conversation at hand when they are on the phone with a customer; even if they can’t see your face, your tone of voice can reveal a lot about how attentively you are listening to them.

Make Small Talk

There is a strong correlation between the amount of small talk and the success of a phone call. It’s a great way to create rapport with customers and keep them entertained while you find the answer to their question or get a manager’s attention during a lengthy wait. Customers like to buy from real people and be treated like real people, and small talk can ensure that this happens.

Mirror Their Tone

You should try to talk on the phone like your customer does. A customer support agent shows that they are on the customer’s side by matching their mood. For example, if a customer sounds serious, don’t use casual language or jokes. If a customer sounds more at ease, don’t be afraid to do the same. If they’re excited about something, you should sound excited, too.

Use Positive Language

How you talk about the situation will change how the user sees the whole call. If it’s appropriate, apologise for their bad experience, but then start talking about the good things as soon as you can. This will help you leave the customer with a better taste in their mouth, and even small, subtle changes in the way you talk about what’s going on can change how they see what’s going on.

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