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15 Best Kodi Skins You Must Try in 2021 for an Outstanding Kodi Experience



Best Kodi skins

Hey Folks, Almost everyone knows that Kodi is the best open-source media platform designed for entertainment. Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ comes with a default skin called ‘Estuary. This skin has not been changed or updated for quite some time now. Getting bored with the default Estuary skin of Kodi? Well, here we will gonna explore the 9 best Kodi Skins that make your Kodi experience outstanding!

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with it, Kodi skins are free and legal files that change Kodi’s visual design (UI). Kodi skins bring an absolute makeover of Kodi by reorganizing menus, changing backgrounds and themes. So, if you want to add a little jazz to Kodi on your device, it is time to change Kodi’s skin.

The Interesting part of Kodi skins is that they don’t just bring a fresh coat of paint. Instead, they completely change the looks and work of the Kodi application.

On the internet, you will get dozens of free Kodi Skins. Of course, not every skin is the same. It’s a huge task to select the best Kodi skin for your system. If by chance, you ended up choosing the faulty Kodi Skin, it will cause technical problems with the application. That’s why we have precisely brought the best Kodi Skins for our readers.

Now you might have got What exactly the Kodi Skins are and why we favor them. Now, it’s time to move onto the important part, the best Kodi skins in 2021

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Best Kodi Skins in 2021 – Compatible with Leia 18.9

It is worth mentioning that Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ is now available. But it is not a good time to update your Kodi as the latest version of Kodi is only compatible with a small number of the already updated Kodi19 addons.. There is a need to wait till the third-party developers make addons that are compatible with Kosi 19. So we recommend you use Kodi 18.9.

That’s why we have prepared the list of the Best Kodi Skins in 2021 that are compatible with Kodi 18.9.

So let’s have a glance at the best Kodi Skins:

1. Aeon Nox (SiLVO) – Best-Looking Kodi v19 Skin

Let’s begin with the best and popular Kodi skin from several years- Aeon Nox. This skin presents your media content via a grid of posters that you can navigate in several ways. It is applicable to movies, TV shows, as well as music.

Best Kodi skins

Aeon Nox will also provide a fresh feel to your photo gallery and add-ons. No matter, whether you’ve already switched to Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ or if you use an older version of this application, Aeon Nox will most certainly meet your needs.

It offers lots of exciting customizable settings and comes with a simple and clear interface. So, you can easily play with its colors, themes, and fonts.

The best part is its Download file size is just 10 MB. This skin works well for almost all devices. Some other variations of this skin include Aeon NoQ, Aeon Nox 5: Destiny, Aeon Nox 5: Dragon, Aeon Nox LEGO, and Aeon Nox Silvo.

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Author BigNoid, SiLVO
Version 7.0.9
Size 10MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ (older versions supported as well)

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2. Amber

The next skin on our list is – Amber. It is another lightweight skin that is loaded with lots of features. Amber works smoothly on all the devices. This is a highly customizable Kodi skin. Amber comes with a very easy-to-read interface.

By default, Amber brings a horizontal menu and the main categories are visible outright. Scroll down to see high-resolution images in the background. When you select any category, you will see a nice horizontal row filled with movie posters. However, you can customize almost everything about Amber.

If you’re not appealed with horizontal navigation, you can opt for a vertical main menu. The most interesting thing is that you can customize everything in amber such as a home shelf, home menu, background, etc.

Author Pecinko, Jester, Joethepartylion, Bsoriano
Version 1.0.0
Size N/A
Compatibility Up to Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ (older versions supported as well)

3. Confluence

Confluence is the default skin for numerous Kodi releases, that’s the reason we have decided to put it on our list of best Kodi skins. Any user can easily install this skin and restore their Kodi experience.

Menus are displayed horizontally. You need to move from Left to right to view all media content. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi.

Author Team Kodi, Jezz_X
Version 3.1.43
Size 6.89 MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ (older versions supported as well)

4. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova is another popular Kodi skin due to its features and customization options. In its default setting, This skin is highly recommended for large-screen devices. Kodi’s menu will appear horizontally with large thumbnails.

This skin is very light weighted and can be installed easily. Talking about its visuals, Black Glass Nova is built upon Windows’ Aero aesthetics. It means the Dialog boxes, content sections, and images come with transparent borders with soft edges.

Author Tgx
Version 6.5.0
Size 11.88 MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 18 ‘Leia’ (not compatible with Kodi 19)


5. Titan

Titan is one of the best Kodi Skin that comes with a simple and sleek design. This skin is quite different from other skins in terms of layout. It is the ideal Kodi skin for small devices as it presents all the information in one place.

Best Kodi skins

If you are a Netflix user, you gonna love it due to its highly polished visuals and smooth experience.

Author AchiellesPunks, Cartman.dos
Version 1.0.3 (10.08.19)
Size N/A
Compatibility Up to Kodi 18 ‘Leia’ (not compatible with Kodi 19)

6. Mimic

This Kodi skin comes with a flat design. It means that it will not show any flashy stuff. You won’t able to see shiny buttons or gradients. You only gonna see the blue color and its various shades with many background images.

It comes with tons of customizable options. You will be able to change its default color as well as can adjust its Mimic’s appearance.

For Instance: It shows many ways to display movie posters. If you prefer something simple, then go with the basic list option. It works well for large Tv screens.

The most interesting thing is that this skin works on multiple devices, including phones and tablets. Fanart feature allows you to edit its homepage.


Author Braz
Version 5.0.3
Size 10.65 MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 18 ‘Leia’ (not compatible with Kodi 19)
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7. Nebula

Nebula is an incredibly user-friendly skin. It is mainly designed for music lovers. Nebula has lots of rich features like-  touch support, extra fanart, custom home items, live TV, etc. Nebula provides you many customizable options and is great for HD TV screens.

Best Kodi skins

Your Firestick device can also be customized with the help of Nebula. It provides so many options still it is not complex and doesn’t make navigation a difficult task.

When you applied this skin, Homescreen turns into a white surface with grey text. Pause at any category, it will show many options on the top and bottom of the screen.

Author Tgx
Version 5.5.0
Size 18.46 MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 18 ‘Leia’ (not compatible with Kodi 19)

8. KOver 2

Kover 2 is the best Kodi skin that gives modern look. The most exciting feature is that it displays information without cluttering the screen.

This Kodi skin allows you to make experiments with the Settings once you installed it. The most efficient feature it offers is- auto build. It means users can automatically build the view types according to their needs without spending time on customizing.

It also allows users to customize various elements of the GUI in a professional manner without requiring any specific skills.

9. Chroma

Chroma is the best Kodi skin that attract its loyal user base. It works well on small screens.

Chroma represents horizontal menus with high-resolution background images. It provides the list of available content in addition to ratings, genres, synopses, and artwork.

You can easily customize the ways to organize how the content is displayed. Chroma lets you show all your movies at once as a large interactive wallpaper.

Author Tgx
Version 3.5.0
Size 10.51 MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 18 ‘Leia’ (not compatible with Kodi 19)

10. Arctic  Zephyr 2 – Best for Large-Screen TVs

If you are looking for Kodi for your larger-than-life TV screens then Arctic Zephyr 2 is for you. This skin is most popular and developed by Jurialmunkey. The best thing about this skin is that this is one of the most polished skin and can effortlessly take the place of Kodi’s default interface and upgrade it.

It has an amazing collection of color schemes and levels for items on the menu. The most effective thing is that its interface is so amazing that when one uses this skin, then there is no coming back thereafter. Its TV schedule is also engaging that helps you to locate upcoming movies and TV shows.

This skin is compatible with almost all devices like Fire TV, Fire Stick, HTPC, and other streaming boxes.

Author  Jurialmunkey
Mouse Support  Yes
Size N/A
Compatibility Kodi Leia (v18.x)

#11 Aeon Nox

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Aeon Nox is also a great Kodi skin that will change the entire look and feel of Kodi. Moreover, it is a fully-featured skin where you have multiple options like you can change color, fonts, skin theme, or more. Its design and structure are also amazing and appealing. It is a modern interface with traditional features makes it a perfect blend. Also It is lightweight skin that gives multiple customization and configuration features. It does not matter whether a new or old user you are, Aeon Nox suits everyone, and its specifications requirements are not much.


MIMIC is also a great Kodi skin. It is named an Estuary. It is a default Kodi skin. Its interface is also light weighted and uncluttered. Its homes screen features multiple things like a library of music, movies, and all other media content. It is one of the most simple and plain futuristic designs with no colors. But here the user gets the ability to change its color and appearance.

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Its artwork, ratings, synopsis, everything is great in all terms.

Compatible With: Kodi 16 Jarvis, Kodi 17 Krypton, Kodi 18 Leia, Kodi 19 Matrix

#13 BOX

It is also one of the best skins of Kodi that is the perfect combination of older and newer versions of Kodi skins. Because not everyone wants fancy things, some are also like who believe in simplicity and high standards. All they want is a well-organized and maintained outlook where accessing everything remains simple. This skin comes with lots of customization features.

Here you will find multiple categories like movies, TV shows, and music. Not only this, but you can also play videos if you want to do it in the background. Similarly features like hiding touch controls, changing themes, colors are add-on advantages that come with this skin.

Author DjCisco
Version 5.0.7
Size 22.07 MB
Compatibility Up to Kodi 18 ‘Leia’ (not compatible with Kodi 19)

#14 Bello

Bello is a perfect example whenever we talk about a Kodi skin that gives you a perfect experience with the media center. It is minimal skin. By minimal we mean that you can’t expect many goodies with this skin but still if you are looking fr an interactive interface that should be user-friendly and can be set up on any device with minimum system requirements then definitely this Kodi skin is for you.

Now in case you don’t know where this skin will be available, then let me tell you that this will be available as Bello 7 on Kodi 18 Lei and Bello 8 on Kodi 19 matrix.

#15 Unity Kodi skin

If you are looking for the material design on Kodi, then this Kodi skin is for you. It is like Confluence skin with an amazing interface. Its horizontal interface makes it distinguishable from others and features movie posters in an effective way. Its menu is also big enough with white-colored letters. all menu items are shown beautifully in it.  Usually, the upper portion of the screen shows movie posters, related apps, artwork, and whatnot. If you also want to create shortcuts for your favorite content then also this unity skin is for you.

Compatible With: Kodi 17 Krypton.

How to Find & Install Skins on Kodi?

It is very easy to change the appearance of your Kodi. Now, you must be wondering, where could you find these skins. here’s how to find and install skins on Kodi

  • First of all, Launch Kodi and tap on the cogwheel icon in the top-left content.
  • Kodi settings panel will open.  Click on ‘Interface.’
  • Select ‘Skin‘ on the left.
  • A pop-up window should now appear. Click on ‘Get More.’
  • Choose the name of the skin that you want to install and click on Confirm.

Final Words

Well, this is all about “9 Best Kodi Skins You Must Try in 2021”. I hope, you will find it informative. Try out these skins and share your experience with us. Share this list with your buddies.

You can watch this video for your referrence.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

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