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10 Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2 Map In CS:GO (February 2022)



Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2

Hey folks, as you know that Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps in CS: GO.  So it is quite important to know everything about the best possible angles and spots for all smoke grenade throws that can seriously help level up your game.

CS: Go in fact has released some of the important patch notes for Operation Riptide. So if you want to know about the best smoke spots in Dust 2, then go through this post and you will have all the details.

You will be glad to know that the CS: GO update that was brought in September brought a lot of amazing new content and some exclusive changes to the game.  This will definitely include the much-awaited new CS: GO operation, Riptide. As, It comes with new maps, new missions, new skins, and new ways to play the different game modes.

Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2

So, this guide will let you know about all the useful angles that can be blocked with smoke throws on the newly revamped version of Dust 2. You will be glad to know that the all mentioned dust 2 smoke spots can work for both 64 and 128 tick servers. Many times, in some smoke spots, the gamer requires a jump throw to execute.  So, here you have to hold the left mouse button in order to take out the pin from the smoke, jump and then release the smoke at the top of your jump. Here you also may have to perform a running throw. Now you must be thinking that how can you do so? So you can do so by reading your smoke and taking some necessary steps before releasing it.

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The major changes that are noticeable are Deagle, M4A1-S, Dual Elites, and the Riot Shield. Do you know that now all sorts of grenades can be easily dropped like any other weapon that usually divides the community? Not only this, but this patch will also introduce changes to Dust 2, which is one of CS: GO’s most iconic maps.

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 Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2 Map In CS: GO

Let’s start with the best smoke spots for Dust 2’s A site. These smokes will help you take control of A site and will help you push your enemies back.

#1 Long Corner Smoke

This is definitely one of the Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2. The reason is obvious that many people love to play this corner most of the time and also try to get a free kill. Moreover, it is very much easy to locate this smoke as there are still many lineups available that can also be thrown from safe spots as well.

#2  Xbox from T Spawn:

You can implement this smoke throw from the T Spawn of Dust 2.

Xbox from TSpawn is also one of the Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2 as it is the first CS: Smoke that helps to restrict a critical angle of this map,i.e., Dust 2.  But for this, the player has to smoke the Xbox that you will find near the mid doors.

Moreover, this will ensure you cross the Catwalk with your team members safely towards  A Short. As this is an important crossing point so, you can push A sharp CT’s monitor carefully from the CT Mid.

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#3 Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2: Long Cross Smoke

If Smoking has to be done on A site, then smoking the cross can help you to get to the site very quickly. But for that, they will require at least two smokes to cover this cross completely. As we know that it can block both catwalk and CT spawn, so definitely it worth it.

But this smoke will need amazing teamwork and is usually best executed if you have good comms. Here you can use the Discord server and a fine headset to try with your buddies.

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#4 A Short One Way

If you want to perform this smoke, you have to go closer to the cage door on A Short and Stand in the center. Here you can also adjust the crosshair between the left side wall and the Window and launch the smoke.

#5 A Long Corner from T Spawn:

This is definitely one of the best smoke spots of CS: GO Dust 2 Smoke Spot in Dust 2. This is that spot that you should not miss out especially if you want to push A Long.

Smoke the A Long corner, and you will interfere with the vision of a few CTs while keeping a watch on the Long Doors.

#6 Mid To B

Here in this, you can plan your strategy in a way that whenever AWP will try to pass through the site at the right time, then can smoke grenade at CT Spawn in the Dust 2.

#7 B Entry Through Upper Tunnels

This is one of the Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2 whenever someone tries to have an entry into the ‘B-Site’.So, one of the most efficient ways is to smoke this spot from the ‘Upper Tunnel’. This will coordinate with the classic B Rush and it can be an amazing combination, the only position that needs to be taken care of would be ‘Back Plat’.

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#8 A CT Cross #1 from Long

Smoking the A Cross smoke spot on Dust 2 is a great Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2. It will help you and your team to cross from Long towards the A Site. Moreover, It can make you save from any AWPers that are located at CT Base or CT Mid. Moreover, it also guarantees some level of protection from A Short.

#9 Long Door Smoke

Hey readers, If you and your team want to play energetically on A site, then you may go with smoke long doors for a teammate. Here, this will also help them to get benefits over your enemies. Moreover, It also helps to prevent rushes from long doors and may help your playmates to get into a better position.

#10 A Cross Smokes

This smoke is definitely one of the Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2. This is usually a combination of 2 clouds of smoke so that the ‘A Cross’ can be completely covered. Moreover, this also gives the T-side a lot of space to work with and gain entry into the ‘A-Site’. Here the two players are required to work in tandem to secure this space, to block the entire cross in one go.

Final Words

This is all about “ Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2. I hope you got your answers now. If you still have any questions then do write to us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates 🙂

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