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Board Portal Software: Tech Every Organization Needs



A routine of c-suite meetings is often a wearing undertaking for all the parties involved. Some of the preparations may last longer than the meeting itself. Typical troubles include the necessity to travel to a certain place, to find the date that will suit every member, to gather print, share piles of papers, etc.

When you know what this is all about, you might be interested in finding an alternative for your company. The good news is that this alternative does exist and is called board portal software. Not only will you be able to gather your company’s chairpeople no matter how distant they are from each other and from the headquarters – you will be able to forget about the paper flows and general jumble one would associate with directors’ meetings.

In this review, we suggest unscrambling the essential features of virtual boardroom soft so that you can continue comparing providers knowingly and finally choose the suitable one for your business.

Board Portal Simply Defined

A virtual boardroom is a comprehensive set of tools with the help of which a directors’ meeting can be organized and held via the Internet. Providers often call their product “a board portal,” “paperless meeting software,” and such likes. However, you should understand the essence of this soft.

Do not confuse it with video conferencing programs, file sharing, or cloud storage platforms. Any boardroom comprises these options as well. It will have numerous others. Many of them are exactly the things your governance strategy needs today.

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Why Need a Boardroom?

You may ask, why do I need a boardroom when my company is small and directors’ meetings can be organized via several free programs. Surely, they can. But when opting for board room software, you can expect the following advantages:


Boardroom soft incorporates high-standard secure storage, virtual rooms with enough instruments to prevent any unauthorized access to sensible data. The latest encryption technologies are used.


When using a board portal, you would scarcely face problems like the inability to access the storage cloud. Even when your computer fails, all your data is securely stored and protected.


Businesses are different, so are their meetings. Sometimes, directors only need to meet and vote for an important decision. In other cases, they have to involve several committees and conduct more complicated procedures. Boardrooms can be ideally adapted to these and any other business needs.


Any boardroom contains board document management tools. With their help, each member of the c-suite can upload and share important papers. This does not require downloads or installation of extra soft.


You can initially plan your virtual boardroom and the features it will have. No one can make you purchase a product with needless instruments and pay for them. You won’t have to buy any with the tool deficiency as well.

So, this soft is unprecedentedly efficient. It can fundamentally change the way you rule your business, no matter its size or domain.

What Can You Do with a Boardroom?

The board software is not just a place to meet online. This is also a well-thought-out complex of instruments, each having its specific purpose. Which abilities will they give you? Let’s list the most important options each company might find necessary.

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Schedule Tools

This is a set of instruments that allow one to fix the most suitable dates for directors’ meetings. There is a menu with all members’ profiles. One can watch their location, table, and other information. Each member won’t miss an important meeting thanks to the built-in calendar with a reminder function.

Security Tools

You may not doubt that board portal software is the most secure equipment for your business. You can define who will access the boardroom and to which extent. There are tools to prevent unauthorized copying or downloading of your sensitive data.

Document Management

Documents once uploaded will be stored securely and be ready to be accessed when necessary. Your board management software can include tools for building and changing documents. It supports several formats and any member will be able to comment, download, or watch them offline.

Virtual Room

This is the exact “place” where the meetings are held. Only members and employees with permission can access it. It contains numerous instruments needed for successful collaboration.

Collaboration Tools

During a discussion, c-suite members might need to comment on papers and proposals, issue their own proposals, vote, sign the documents, etc. All these options will be available on your screen. In addition, there are meeting templates – easy to use for routinely employed procedures.


This is not only about assistance by your first steps with the software. A quality board portal incorporates feedback mechanisms, so its work can be improved at your desire.

Mobile Options

Yes, your virtual boardroom will be accessible from whatever mobile device you have. You can define the number of options available, the full version of the soft included.

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How to Compare Boardroom Vendors?

Now, you understand the essence of the equipment. To pick an ideal boardroom for your organization, you have to shop around a number of providers and compare their services. Not to make a mistake with your choice, simply proceed from the following rules:

  • First, measure your needs. Define which features will be necessary and which will be undue for your company.
  • Select a product that can be perfectly adapted to your meetings.
  • Check how reputable this or that provider is, learn both expert reviews on it and common users’ comments.
  • Ensure the equipment is secure enough.
  • Opt for those vendors who offer Free Trials.
  • Be sensible when searching for an attractive price.

Thus, board portal software is very useful equipment without which today’s businesses and organizations simply cannot properly operate. Its key advantage is adaptability, so you have all possibilities to purchase the exact product you need and never regret it.

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