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Bongo Cat: A Quick Dive



Have you ever seen a cute cat animation playing bongos on the internet? That’s Bongo Cat! It’s a fun and catchy meme that many people love. This cat doesn’t just play bongos; sometimes, it plays other instruments too. People have made many videos and pictures with this cat, making it play different songs and do funny things. But what is the story behind this viral sensation? How did this all start? Let’s find out more about Bongo Cat and where it came from.

Bongo Cat: Evolution and Popularity

Bongo Cat

Bongo Cat is more than just a meme; it’s a symbol of how something simple can become a massive hit on the internet. This cute animated cat, which started as a basic drawing of a cat playing bongos, has now become a favorite of millions of people worldwide. But how did it all begin? Let’s take a closer look at the journey of it.


Back in May 2018, something interesting happened on Twitter. A user named @DitzyFlama saw a GIF of a cat hitting a table. Instead of just scrolling past it, they had a fun idea. They edited this GIF to make the cat play bongos and added a catchy song from a popular video game, Super Mario World, called “Athletic.” This new version of the GIF was shared on Twitter, and, to everyone’s surprise, it became an instant hit. People loved it and shared it, and it quickly got thousands of likes and retweets.

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Growing Popularity

The success of this tweet was just the beginning. Seeing how much people loved the Bongo Cat, many started creating their own versions. They took the original idea and added their twists, making the cat play different songs and instruments. The meme was soon all over YouTube, with videos of Cat playing songs from various genres, from electronic music like “Robot Rock” by Daft Punk to classics like “Running In the 90s.”

@DitzyFlama, realizing the potential of their creation, didn’t stop at just one tweet. They made more videos, each one more creative than the last. Some of the most popular ones were the cat playing “Through the Fire and the Flames” and “Take On Me.” The beauty of Bongo Cat was its simplicity, which allowed people to easily make their own versions and share them with the world.

Bongo Cat Online Presence

  1. Website: A simple yet captivating website where users can virtually play bongos, cymbals, cowbells, and other instruments as the Bongo Cat. The site credits the art to @StrayRogue and the meme creation to @DitzyFlama.
  2. GitHub Repository: This phenomenon also has a presence on GitHub, where enthusiasts can contribute to its development. The repository provides insights into the meme’s technical aspects and showcases its widespread appeal.
  3. TikTok: Bongo Cat’s influence extends to TikTok, where it has garnered over 23.6 million views. From original songs to covers of popular tracks, the meme thrives in this short video format.
  4. Know Your Meme: As with many viral sensations, Bongo Cat has its own dedicated page on Know Your Meme, detailing its origin, spread, and various adaptations.
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  1. Who created the Bongo Cat meme?
    • The Bongo Cat meme was created by @DitzyFlama on Twitter, inspired by an animated GIF by @StrayRogue.
  2. Where can I find the Bongo Cat meme?
    • Bongo Cat can be found on various platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and its dedicated website,
  3. Has Bongo Cat been adapted into other forms?
    • Yes, Bongo Cat has been remixed to play various instruments, and there are even muscular cat variations representing different concepts.
  4. Is there a community around Bongo Cat?
    • Absolutely! this trending meme has a dedicated GitHub repository where enthusiasts can contribute, and its presence on TikTok and YouTube has fostered a vibrant community.
  5. What makes Bongo Cat so popular?
    • Its simplicity, adaptability, and the universal appeal of a cute cat playing instruments have contributed to its widespread popularity.


Bongo Cat is a testament to the internet’s ability to take a simple concept and turn it into a global sensation. Its charm lies in its simplicity, and its adaptability ensures that it remains relevant across various platforms and cultures. Whether you’re a casual observer or a dedicated fan, Bongo Cat’s rhythmic beats are sure to bring a smile to your face.

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