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ClickASnap Review: Is ClickSnap Legit (Beware of Before Using)




Are you too much into photography and looking for a platform offering extra bucks to share your work online? Well, then your hunt ends with ClickASnap.

While this platform has launched on the internet lately, it has garnered massive popularity quickly. It is the world’s leading photo-sharing destination, allowing you to get paid for uploading your work. Seems interesting, isn’t it?

However, the question arises – Why is this platform paying money to the user? Does paying users for sharing photos a publicity stunt? And most importantly, Is ClickASnap legit?

Are you eagerly looking for answers? Look no further, and quickly scroll down the guide to eradicate all your queries. Our experts have reviewed this much-hyped platform from inside and out and developed a details ClickASnap review guide to simplify your decision.

Why wait? Buckle up and look at this photo-sharing platform’s business model, payment structure, and legitimacy. Read on!!

A Beginner’s Guide to ClickASnap Review

So, what exactly is a ClickASnap, and what’s the hype all about? 

ClickASnap has recently been introduced as a photo-sharing platform, claiming to offer money for uploading photos to the platform. In addition, the website also allows you to earn with paid per view.

Unlike other social media platforms, ClickASnap believes in sharing margins with the creator, thus paying users whenever they upload their work to the app. Well, that sounds like an easy and fun way to earn. But is it the reality you’ve been assuming? Or Is ClickASnap Scam? 

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So, to fully understand these questions, we have personally signed up with the platform and come up with a clearer view. As mentioned, ClickASnap requires uploading the original photographs you have clicked or created.

For every photo you upload, there will be a view counter. The platform will offer you for every view on the photograph, providing that the user must view your work for a minimum of 5 seconds.

However, the process of earning from uploading photographs isn’t as simple as it may sound right now. Here’s a catch!! The user must have subscribed to the platform for uploading or selling their artwork (photographs or graphics).

ClickASnap offers multiple subscription levels, including Upload, Seller, and Pro. Users can opt for the option that syncs well with their requirements and purpose of joining the platform.

How Do You Get Paid?

Now comes the second most important question of a ClickASnap Review – how do you get paid? As already discussed, you first have to subscribe to the platform to become eligible for uploading and selling photographs.

Once done, you can then earn a certain amount for every photo you sell and view you get. The amount you earn will be credited to your ClickASnap account. Once you have earned $15, you can then withdraw your earnings via PayPal.

Remember that it is the only payment method this platform offers. So, if you don’t have a PayPal account, then we suggest signing up with PayPal first, getting it verified, and then opting for membership in ClickASnap.

Before you move further to know – Is ClickASnap scam, we must advise knowing about the pricing model first. Don’t keep your expectation bar higher, as the platform only pays $ 0.009 per view of the photo. Surprised? Indeed, you should!! That’s quite a small amount (and something we haven’t expected from this “hyped” platform).

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If we consider their payment model, you must get at least 1666 views per photograph to reach their payment threshold. What a classic waste of time and effort! 

This platform does offer marketing tools to promote your posts, so you can reach your target relatively faster. Not to mention, the tools are paid for and come with a hefty price tag.

Is ClickASnap Scam or Legit?

Wondering – Is ClickASnap scam or legit? Well, as far as the payment is concerned, the answer is NO. This platform does pay its users. However, the amount they are offering is way too small. Instead of “payment”, you can also refer to their amount as an “exploitation” for a creator.

You have to be very active to get a large number of views per photograph. Also, you must use paid marketing tools to make the target relatively closer.

Moreover, if you are thinking, Is ClickASnap Legit? Then, also the answer is YES. The legitimacy of the website depends on several factors, such as its content, verification, payment model, and living up to its promises.

So, as far as ClickASnap review is concerned, this platform is professionally verified. Also, it ditches no protocols, like several other social media tools, like Smihub (Instagram Story Viewer) or Snapchat Story Viewers, and pays money in time.

Moreover, it has integrated a leading and reliable payment mode, PayPal, into its business model, thus enhancing its legitimacy. However, the only spoiler is the low amount they offer to the creator, which might disappoint users.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Who can Join ClickASnap?

Ans. ClickASnap is available worldwide, and anyone who is 18 years or older can join the platform. Since it is a paid platform, you must be able to pay for the same to start selling your photographs.

Q. Does ClickASnap offer customer support?

Ans. Yes, absolutely. ClickASnap has a dedicated customer support team to assist with your queries. They are available around the clock to handle your questions. If you are unable to connect with them, you can also search your queries in their FAQ section to get your answers.

Summing Up

That’s all about a detailed ClickASnap review. We hope our guide has unveiled some interesting facts about this photo-sharing platform and inspired you to make the right decision. If you are wondering – Is ClickASnap legit, then the answer is yes. However, its low scale and high subscription rates might annoy users at first glance.

So, why are you waiting now? Whether you are looking for a side-income source or are just fascinated with their concept, give ClickASnap a try and see how early you can reach their payment threshold.

Happy Snapping!!

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