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Fortnite Players Can Livestream Gameplay Using Houseparty



Fortnite Players Can Livestream Gameplay Using Houseparty


  • Fortnite Adds Video Streaming Integration With Houseparty App.
  •  It is now allowing players to stream their Fortnite gameplay to Houseparty.
  • That way, your friends can see you live both through your mobile phone camera and also the feed of your active Fortnite game.

Epic Games has added a Houseparty integration with Fortnite, so players can now Livestream their games to their friends in Houseparty lobbies.

Epic says the feature supports streaming from a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or PC right now.

“We will let everyone know if we’re able to support more platforms in the future,” Epic says in its blog post.

This can be useful in many ways for the players. For instance, a Fortnite coach who is teaching a new player Fortnite can stream the game to his students over the Houseparty app and his students can learn in real-time while watching the Fortnite gameplay.

Fortnite players will need to have a Houseparty account to stream their gameplay. Houseparty is available on Android and iOS. The streaming option is however available only for the above-mentioned platforms. Houseparty streaming caters to a small audience of up to 9 other people.

To use the new feature, the Fortnite player will need to have enabled Fortnite Mode Streaming and be connected to Houseparty. When they begin to stream their gameplay, their friends on Houseparty will be notified that their game feeds are now available to watch.

How to Livestream your Fortnite gameplay on Houseparty?

  • To live stream Fortnite using Houseparty, users must first download the app on their Android or iOS device.
  • Once installed, link your Houseparty account to your Epic Games account.
  • This will enable video chat and streaming on the app. Open the app on your phone and connect to Fortnite through Settings.
  • Activate ‘Fortnite Mode’ in Houseparty, and start your gameplay live stream.
  • Your Houseparty friends will be notified when a live stream starts.
  • You will also get notifications when your friends join the live stream.
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Other streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube are already popular with streamers to stream their games on, as they can be used to stream to millions of people. In contrast, Houseparty aims to keep the streaming within a group of friends, much like how Discord operates.

If the Fortnite player doesn’t want to live stream their gameplay, they can change this at any time from a setting inside Fortnite without losing their ability to use the video chat feature.

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