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10 Best Funny Face Apps to Try Out in 2024



Funny Face Apps

In the world of social media and digital communication, funny face apps have become a popular way to add humor and creativity to our online interactions. These apps allow users to transform their photos with hilarious effects, making ordinary selfies and pictures extraordinarily amusing. Let’s dive into the world of the best funny face apps, exploring their features and what makes them stand out.

These apps are super popular on social media. People use them to make their friends laugh or just to show off their creative side. You can take a normal photo and, with a few taps, turn it into something that will have everyone giggling. Some apps let you add funny hats or glasses, while others can change your hair color or even make you look like an animal.

The best part? Most of these apps are free to download. You can start having fun without spending a penny. And if you want more features, you can always buy extra filters or effects inside the apps.

Whether you’re a big fan of selfies or just looking for a way to spice up your photos, funny face apps are a great choice. They’re easy to use, a lot of fun, and a great way to get creative with your pictures. Let’s check out some of the best ones out there!

What are Funny Face Apps?

Funny face apps are mobile applications designed to add humorous and entertaining effects to your photos, particularly focusing on altering faces. These apps use various filters, stickers, and editing tools to transform regular selfies and pictures into something more amusing and creative. Here’s a breakdown of what these apps typically offer:

  1. Face Distortion and Morphing: Many funny face apps include features that can distort or morph facial features, making them look exaggerated or cartoonish. This could mean enlarging eyes, stretching mouths, or other comical transformations.
  2. Face Swapping: Some apps allow users to swap faces with friends, celebrities, or even animals in a photo, leading to hilarious results.
  3. Adding Effects and Accessories: Users can add funny hats, glasses, mustaches, beards, or other accessories to their photos. Some apps also allow for more elaborate costumes or thematic transformations.
  4. Cartoon and Caricature Styles: Turning faces into cartoons or caricatures is another popular feature. These styles range from subtle, artistic interpretations to exaggerated, comic book-like renditions.
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10 Best Funny Face Apps in 2024

1. ToonMe (iOS | Android)

ToonMe is like your personal cartoonist. It takes your photos and magically turns them into cartoon-style images. Imagine seeing yourself as a character in various cartoon styles, including popular ones like Disney or “The Simpsons.”

  • Features: Choose from a range of cartoon styles. The app uses AI to transform your photos into different animated versions.
  • Cost: Free to use, but for those who want more, there’s a Pro version with additional styles and features.
  • Ideal For: Anyone who loves cartoons and wants to see themselves or their friends in that style.

2. Selfish – Funny Face Masks (iOS)

Selfish is all about fun and creativity. With over a thousand face filters, you can add hats, masks, or even change your hair color in photos.

  • Features: A vast library of filters to choose from, allowing for endless creativity.
  • Cost: Free, with premium options available for even more filter choices.
  • Ideal For: Those who love experimenting with different looks and sharing them on social media.

3. ImageChef (iOS)

ImageChef is more than just a photo editing app; it’s a creative tool for making memes and collages.

  • Features: Add text in various creative styles, use stickers, and create unique collages.
  • Cost: Completely free to use.
  • Ideal For: Meme creators and those who love adding a creative touch to their photos.

4. Mematic (iOS | Android)

Mematic is a user-friendly app perfect for creating personalized memes.

  • Features: Offers classic meme templates and various photo filters to create unique memes.
  • Cost: Free, with Pro versions available for additional features.
  • Ideal For: Meme enthusiasts and social media users who love sharing funny content.
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5. Incredimoji – Celebrity FaceSwap (iOS)

Ever dreamed of swapping faces with a celebrity? Incredimoji makes it possible.

  • Features: Swap faces with celebrities, record videos with live filters, and enjoy a variety of fun effects.
  • Cost: Free with in-app subscriptions for more features.
  • Ideal For: Those who enjoy making funny videos and celebrity impersonations.

6. Faceover (iOS)

Faceover is a creative app that lets you swap faces in photos for hilarious results.

  • Features: Easy-to-use tools for copying and pasting faces between photos.
  • Cost: Free with a Pro version offering additional editing tools.
  • Ideal For: Friends and family who want to have fun by swapping faces in group photos.

7. The Amazing Mustache Booth (iOS)

This app is a treasure trove for mustache and beard enthusiasts.

  • Features: Offers over 190 different stickers of mustaches, beards, and hairstyles to transform your photos.
  • Cost: Free, with an option to pay to remove ads.
  • Ideal For: Anyone who wants to experiment with different facial hair styles without the commitment.


MRRMRR is a live filter app that brings a touch of magic to your selfies.

  • Features: Includes filters for magic makeup, animal ears, and complete face replacement.
  • Cost: Free, with premium features available for purchase.
  • Ideal For: Those who love live filters and want to experiment with different looks in real time.

9. Funny Face – Photo Editor (iOS)

Packed with over 2000 stickers, this app is perfect for adding a humorous touch to your photos.

  • Features: A vast collection of stickers, including animated ones, to make your photos funny and engaging.
  • Cost: Free and very easy to use.
  • Ideal For: Users of all ages looking to add fun elements to their photos.
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10. Ugly Face Photo Booth (Android)

This app specializes in creating ‘ugly’ faces, perfect for a good laugh.

  • Features: Best used with front-facing photos, it offers various effects to create humorous ‘ugly’ faces.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Ideal For: Those who enjoy making funny, exaggerated faces for entertainment.


Are these apps free?

Most funny face apps are free to download with optional in-app purchases for additional features.

Can I share my creations on social media?

Yes, these apps usually allow direct sharing on social media platforms.

Do these apps require an internet connection?

An internet connection is typically needed for downloading the app and accessing some features.

Are these apps suitable for all ages?

While most are family-friendly, it’s advisable to check individual app ratings and reviews.

Can I use these apps on both iOS and Android?

Many apps are available for both platforms, but some may be exclusive to either iOS or Android.


Funny face apps offer a delightful way to spice up your photos and social media posts. Whether you want to cartoonize yourself, swap faces with celebrities, or just add some silly filters, there’s an app for every kind of fun. These apps not only provide entertainment but also a creative outlet to express yourself in unique and humorous ways. So, go ahead and try these apps to bring more laughter and joy to your digital life!

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