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Heroes of the Storm Tier List (September 2020)



Heroes of the Storm tier list

Heroes of the Storm is one of the best games known so far. The internet is flooded with searches like Heroes of the Storm Tier List but many developers and gamers don’t agree with all that is available on the web. So we are here to figure it out completely.

Many of the makers of the game are of the view that all the heroes of the Storm are equal and can’t be compared but that’s not actually true.

As we all knew that Many heroes of the Storm are way better than others if we check out their characteristics.

On this basis, We have categorized them in almost 5 tiers. Here S tier stands for the best one and D tier means the weakest one.

Check out the complete Heroes of the Storm Tier List 2020

Heroes of the Storm Tier List 2020

S Tier

  • Deathwing

Deathwing is a powerful hero but a kind of slow performer. He’s also quite a unique hero with interesting strategies you can use to outwit your enemies.

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Strongest Point:  Strong armor plates

Weakest Point: His mobility is poor on the ground

  •  Diablo

He has great abilities in team fights. The best part is that he has the health pool and armor to do it, so he always stands out as an obstacle in clashes.

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He is great at initiating fights because he believes in teamwork with his two stuns using Overpower.

A Tier

Chen Bruiser Chen Stormstout, the Legendary Brewmaster, is a melee bruiser hero from the Warcraft universe. He is an unstoppable bruiser that will dominate if the enemy team is lacking mobility.
Dehaka Bruiser Dehaka, the Primal Pack Leader, is a melee bruiser hero from the StarCraft universe.
Garrosh Tank He has a great armor rating, popular for team fights.
Gul’dan Ranged Assassin Has amazing AoE skills that clear waves of enemies and have a huge focus on team fights.

B Tier

Anub’arak: A very important warrior in B tier of heroes of the storm tier list 2020 due to his spell armor and beetles.

Cassia:  the Amazon Warmatron, is a Ranged Assassin hero from the Diablo universe.

Tassadar: Tassadar is a solid ranged assassin, capable enough of pressuring the enemy team from a very long range.

C Tier

Lucio Healer Lucio is a great healer, but his best trait is his ability to bestow movement speed buffs to allies.
Rexxar Bruiser Good as a solo-layer, Rexxar’s downside is his niche advantages that are only present in certain maps.
Sylvanas Ranged Assassin Quick to reposition, Sylvanas is a pest in the backline despite her low damage output.

Nazeebo: A very slow ranged assassin that requires time to stack up and be effective. If he hits level 20, he is a huge threat.

D Tier

#1 Ana :

Ana is a real challenge for skilled players as she is in the D tier of the Heroes of the Storm tier list and good aiming is needed for both healing your allies and attacking your enemies.

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#2 Zeratul

He is one of the best heroes of the storm as he can produce burst damage. His major cons are that he is very slow so his opponents get ample time to react.

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#3 Maiev

Maiev Shadowsong stood to watch over the imprisoned Betrayer for ten thousand years and hunted him relentlessly after he was released.


This is all about the Heroes of the Storm tier list 2020.

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