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How Technology Can Play A Key Role In Improving Employee Engagement



It’s a common problem at many companies today: a lack of recognition. With employees leaving companies at a higher rate and seeking new jobs than ever before, it’s important to make sure you’re recognizing your staff as much as possible. Recognizing employees as a way to show them how much you appreciate what they do is a key ingredient to your organization’s success. It also represents an ideal opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate them for their individual contributions. Recognizing employees throughout the year, you can create an environment in which people feel appreciated, valued and supported by their employer. In this article, we’ll give you a short guide to understand how using technology can help improve engagement and employee retention at your organization.

Using Technology For Enhanced Employee Recognition At Your Company

There are many ways to recognize employees for the work that they do. Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding the right technology to do it! Using Check-ins via video chat and teleconferencing offer a magnificent way to make sure that employees working remotely get their face time with the rest of your team, even if they’re not in the same physical office space as everyone else. It can also work out well for in office team members, simply because it streamlines everything. Simply set up a Google Hangout, Zoom, or Skype call, and check in with each employee once per week (or month) as part of your routine communications. Make sure the check-in isn’t just another checkmark on your calendar though. It should be an important and meaningful part of your weekly schedule. It sets an expectation, shows you care, and ultimately makes it easier to recognize employees in real-time. Social media recognition tools can also help you share content across several social media platforms at once, making it easy for managers to efficiently recognize their employees’ achievements through these channels as well. By leveraging technology appropriately, you can recognize employees on any platform, including your own in-house recognition program.

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Without Technology, Recognition Can’t Reach Its Full Potential

Technology is a great way to make employee recognition more effective and long-lasting, especially because it’s not limited to a single medium. With the right tech, you can perform a wealth of unique recognition actions. These include:

  • Sending an email or text with a video message from management thinking and employee for their hard work
  • Recognizing Important milestones
  • Having a quick chat with another team member
  • Inspire each other
  • Promote company values and culture through meaningful interaction
  • Provide rewards
  • Give social recognition and feedback to peers
  • Use social media to recognize employees
  • Use an app to have employees create weekly activity reports highlighting where they given/received recognition
  • Use it to celebrate anniversaries

Implementing social employee recognition programs can accomplish all this and more, while integrating seamlessly into your existing tech framework.

Technology Provides Better Accessibility To Recognition

Another perk of technology is how well it provides better accessibility to recognition. Real-time feedback is vital and helps employees know their supervisors are paying attention to how well they’re performing. The most effective way to make sure your company is recognizing employees using tech tools to get the job done. Try using mobile apps, online chats, and 360-degree feedback to help make recognition more accessible to staff and management. It’s also critical everyone understands how to use the social recognition platform to recognize each other when the time comes.

Technology Opens Up New Recognition Opportunities

Technology opens up new recognition opportunities. It allows you to recognize small and large achievements, as well as employees who don’t necessarily work nearby. Remote workers can also be recognized effectively with this type of technology. With cloud-based recognition platforms, time zones and geographical location don’t get in the way of making connections and recognizing each other’s achievements at work. That’s especially ideal for organizations with a global footprint and those looking to keep their employees motivated while they’re out of town or working remotely from home.

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Staying Connected Through Tech

If you’re looking to stay connected with your employees, technology is, once again, the most ideal method for doing it. There are plenty of different communication platforms that can serve as a means to keep in touch with each other and preserve a culture of recognition and engagement. Social media is one of them. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media can act as conduits for recognizing important Milestones or a job well done. They can integrate with a recognition platform to make it easier to recognize everybody all around. Positive comments go a long way, especially if it’s for somebody to. Communicating effectively, shouting out for special occasions, reinforcing company values, asking questions, and soliciting feedback are part of what employee engagement/recognition is all about. If you want to keep your employees engaged and have a high morality office, then it’s imperative that you use recognition technology to foster an atmosphere of communication throughout the entire company.


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