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How to Bet On Billiards



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Billiards is an entertaining sport for people who enjoy watching and playing the game. As in any other professional sport, it makes sense for a betting market to be available for the sport. Many people enjoy watching and betting on billiards, where minor nuances can make a big difference in the results. For players who like visiting their favorite online casino, wagering on billiards might be a way to make extra cash as a bettor.

Although the sport of billiards is more popular in Great Britain, people from countries worldwide also enjoy watching the action. However, while betting on pool can be entertaining and make bettors a lot of money, there is a lot that needs to be learned about the game if you want to be successful.

In the U.S., betting on billiards can be a challenge since there are different betting regulations in each individual state. However, players can avoid this problem by taking advantage of the many offshore sportsbooks available. Just make sure the sportsbook is reputable by checking some of the many available online reviews.

Billiard Betting Features

Billiards is made up of multiple games, all of which have something in common: the placement and movement of the balls on the table. Four types are typically played and watched, which are American Pool, Russian Pool, Snooker and Carom, with all having different possibilities for wagering opportunities.

The most popular game to bet on, Snooker, has many big tournaments throughout the year, with the most-watched being the World Cup, Shanghai Masters, Grand Prix Tournament and the European Championship. Many bookmakers will facilitate wagering on these tournaments as there are a lot of viewers that enjoy these tournaments every season.

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Understanding the Game

The term billiards refers to any game that uses billiard balls and a cue stick. Although the different games use the same equipment, the game’s rules are distinct, with each one having unique characteristics bettors need to be familiar with.

The most significant difference is the number of balls used in each game. For example, in regular snooker, 22 balls are used.

In pool, the game uses 16 balls, and in carom billiards, only three balls are used. Another distinction between Carom billiards is that the table does not have pockets. All these need to be considered to help bettors understand the different types of games and how to pick the results.

Betting Types

There are many betting types in billiards, which mainly depend on which game is being played. Sportsbooks will also sometimes offer other types of bets within a specific event. All bookmakers that offer billiards odds will provide the following types of bets:

  • Betting on the winner of a game or series
  • Betting on the final score is the most difficult bet to make
  • Century bets, which bet on a single player getting more than 100 points
  • Winner of three, which is when a player wins three consecutive games
  • Betting on the handicap
  • Total betting, which is the over/under wager

Most sportsbooks will offer all of these options along with other promotions and free bets that can be used. Every sportsbook has different perks, so make sure to choose the best one for you.

Betting Strategy

When betting on snooker, it’s good to think about betting on the underdog, which has an overall positive handicap. Players can also use the “catching up” strategy, where they bet on the outside that has a 2.0 total. Finally, when betting live/in-play mode, betting on the winner for any of the total and under wagers within the different betting variations is another popular strategy.

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There is also a more advanced strategy called the Forks strategy when the player gambles consistently on the same betting type in an event across multiple sportsbooks. This is not a strategy advised to be used by beginners when first wagering on snooker.


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