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How to Download Apps on your Vizio Smart TV Without V button (4 Quick Ways)



How to Download Apps on your Vizio Smart TV Without V button

Want to know How to Download Apps on your Vizio Smart TV Without the V button? As We know, Vizio TV offers a variety of TV-specific android apps that are usually pre-installed. But still, there is always an option to get as many desired apps as you want. Since many times what happens is that we want our own collection of apps that we want to see with our personalized touch.  So you can do so here easily by downloading apps on your Vizio Smart TV.

For this, you get three easy options for installing the apps on your Vizio smart TV without using the V button.  Since at the place of the V button, the Vizio smart TV offers you an exclusive Home button that can be used for similar purposes and even performs better than the former one.

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How to Download Apps on your Vizio Smart TV Without V button

Vizio Smart TV has immense popularity globally. The reason is obvious – their prices. These smart TVs usually come at budget prices. But there is only one limitation that we have figured out so far is that – Vizio TV does not support the Android operating system, which directly put an impact on Google play services. As here users can’t simply navigate to the play store to get any desired app on Vizio TV.  So if you are also struggling with this issue, then don’t worry we are here to help put it out. Just read out the post to the end to get your answers.

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Method- 1: You can use the Vizio Internet Apps (Plus) Platform to download apps

  • Initially what you have to do is to connect your Vizio TV to the internet.
  • Then go to the Home button on your remote and press it two times.
  • After this, all the apps that you’ve installed on your TV would start displaying on your new screen.
  • If you want to look for any particular one, then you can navigate through “All apps” as all the categories will be available under the “All Apps” tab.
  • Now start looking for the Featured, Latest, Apps, and Categories sections in order to explore the App you want to pick for your TV. Moreover, You can also utilize the search function to look for a particular show.
  • After this, you have to hold your TV remote’s OK button for some moments so that after selecting an app and pressing it to initiate the installation.

Method- 2: Screencast allows you to use apps on Vizio TVs

Here we have mentioned before as well that Vizio TVs come with a very limited number of pre-installed apps. So, the chances are always high that you may not be able to find all the apps that you want to use on your smart TV. So the best possible was to use the app which is not installed on your tv is via Screencast.

Almost all Vizio smart TVs avail their users of this screencast option. And you know what’s the best part about it? It allows you t use any app without consuming any extra space on the device. Moreover, it is quite easy to cast an app from your mobile screen to your TV. So, let’s see how to screencast onto a Vizio TV.

  • Initially, you have to ensure one thing that both your Vizio TV and mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If not, then do the same first. As It is mandatory to be on the same network so that your mobile device can identify the wireless display on your TV.
  • After that, you can begin the process by simply opening the app that you want to cast. Let us say If it’s the YouTube app, then you can open it and press the Connect to devise icon.
  • Now It will start looking for other wireless displays available on the same network, and once your TV appears, you have to quickly pick it up to start screencasting to your Vizio TV.
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Method 3: Using Chromecast or Roku streaming players

Moreover, by utilizing a streaming player that can be attached to your TV, you can use this benefit for streaming via Chromecast or Roku player. but for that, you just have to ensure that, both the devices must be connected to the same wireless network.

Moreover, you can also use the Vizio Smartcast app on your android and iOS to check which apps are already installed on the TV. This will help you to use the app so that you can directly play the content onto the TV. But one thing you should stay assured about is that all Vizio Tvs do not allow using and casting apps.

So for that, you can use other ways to use and cast all the apps you want to access. Moreover, you can use a variety of methods to add apps on Vizio TVs. Also, you can check the other section to know about the compatibility of your TV for installing apps and screencasting.

Method 4: Install Apps on Vizio Smart TVs launched before 2017

Hey readers, if you own a Vizio Smart Tv that is built in 2017 or earlier years. then you can easily install apps. though you can’t sideload them, definitely can make use of a limited number of apps that are available.

  • For this, you have to turn on your Vizio smart TV and ensure that, it is well-connected to a functional wifi network.
  • Now pick your TV remote and press the Home button on it.
  • Here, You have to pick a Connected Store from the options available.
  • Now Once you reach the store, you can simply start navigating and pick All Apps.
  • After that,  It will be easy for you to explore via various apps that are available to download.
  • As soon as you locate the app that you want to install, quickly select it and hit a click on the install button.
  • Now once the app will start downloading, you can directly access it straight from the home screen of your Vizio TV, isn’t it easy??
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Launched Models of Vizio Smart TV

  • In 2015 and older, Vizio smear TV offers Vizio internet apps or apps+.
  • In 2016 and 2017, Vizio smart TV offers either Vizio internet apps+ or intelligent cast.
  • In 2016 and 2017, tuneless Home theatre offers a smart cast.
  • In 2018, and present all Vizio smart TV offer smart cast.

Preinstalled Vizio smart cast TV core apps

  • YouTube
  • Xumo
  • Watch Free
  • Vudu
  • TV Games
  • Toon Goggles
  • TasteIT
  • Redbox
  • Prime Video(Amazon)
  • Pluto TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Plex
  • Newsy
  • Netflix
  • NBC
  • Love destination
  • iHeart Radio
  • Hulu
  • Haystack
  • FlixFling
  • FitFusion
  • FilmRise
  • Fandango Now
  • Dove Channel
  • DAZN
  • Curiosity Stream
  • Crackle
  • CONtv
  • Cocoro
  • CBS News
  • CBS All Access
  • Bable

Final Words

Hey folks, this is all about “How to Download Apps on your Vizio Smart TV Without V button”. I hope now you got your answers. So what are you waiting for, go and try out these hacks? I hope you would find the post informative and fruitful. If Yes, then don’t forget to share these methods with your friends and family.

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