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How to Get Dreki Pet For Free in Free Fire (Quick Guide)



Step by Step Guide to Get Dreki Pet For Free in Free Fire

Garena has come up with a cute Free Fire pet called Dreki. Want to get Dreki Pet for free in Free Fire? The pet made its entry initially only OB26 advance server. But now if you want to get Dreki Pet for free in Free Fire then you may get it with the top-up reward event in the game.

Pets are loved by everyone, isn’t it? Whether they are real ones or reel ones !! So, one of the most amazing features that Garena Free Fire launched is – Pets of Free Fire.  Actually, these pets stay with players on the battleground and helps their companions in fighting with the opponents in the match.

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Step by Step Guide to Get Dreki Pet For Free in Free Fire

If you have heard about Dreki pet a lot and now anyhow want to own it but without spending a penny, then this is a golden opportunity for you. Just follow this quick guide and no one can stop you from having it.

  • Open Free Fire first.
  • Go to the Diamond icon on the Free fire screen.
  • Now it will show you numerous options of top-up plans on your screen.
  • Now pick any number of diamonds from it and purchase them quickly.
  • Make the payment, once the payment will be successful, the diamonds will be credited to your account.
  • Now you have to go to the event section.
  • Here you may claim the pet in the event.
  • For this, open the event section.
  • Here if you check, under the Events tab, the Dreki top-up option will appear.
  • Here tap on the claim button that will be adjacent to the pet’s name in order to get Dreki.
  • And it is done !!
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In how many diamonds, you can claim Dreki Pet in Free Fire?

Now, you must be thinking exactly;y how many diamonds can help you to get your hands on Dreki Pet, right? So Let me tell you. It is not much. By getting 300 diamonds, you can claim Dreki’s pet in Free Fire. For this, you have to get a top-up of 300 diamonds. these 300 diamonds will let you help to get one of the most loved pets on virtual battlegrounds.

Why Dreki Pet is so important in the Free Fire game?

Well, if you are an enthusiast player and have tried your hands on Garena free fire, then you must be aware of the importance of armor, Grenades, HP, High land jumping damage, and more. This new Dreki pet gives you a unique advantage over players in-game. Let us know the exact reasons and explore more about it here.

About Dreki Pet In Free Fire

Dreki- a cute dragon with bigger eyes with a blink of twinkle, small wings, short arms, and a tail with fire. The appearance description is quite fun about him, right? There is no denying in saying that Dreki is one of the most cutest creatures in this amazing battle royale game. Its cute appearance can blow your heart out when you just have a glimpse of it.  His three popular actions that will steal your heart that is –

  • Celebration: Dreki used to celebrate with his cute gestures whenever it is happy. So Whenever you will attack your foe or will be leading towards din then also this pet will show his happiness and performs celebration action.
  • Play: whenever you update your pet, this action gets unlocked. You can also utilize this action in your command wheel.
  • The Show: It is an advanced action that can be used in the Command wheel.
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Features Of Dreki Pet

Dragon Glare:  It helps to spot the enemies who are using medkits in the range of 10m. That usually lasts for 3 seconds almost. The maximum range of its attack is about 30m and can last long for a maximum of 5 seconds. It can also unlock Splashy Dreki skin on reaching level 6.

Flying ability: It is the second flying pet of the game after Falco in Free Fire.

Can spot enemies using medkits: As told earlier, as soon as you reach level 6, Dreki can assist you in sporting 2 enemies but that should be under 20m range in 4 seconds.

After reaching the next level that is level 7, he can spot 4 foes within the range of 30m in 5 seconds.

For this, you can win the Dreki Pet as a top-up reward. Didn’t get it? If you make a purchase of 300 diamonds then you may receive the pet in April month.

So you don’t have to spend money on it.

So now you must be aware of the importance of having this pet on your side, right?

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Final words :

So guys, What are you waiting for? Go and grab this mischievous cute pet in your bag. Jokes apart, This is the golden time to get dreki pet in the free-fire as this event is just for April month right now. So don’t delay it and get it as soon as possible. And do let us know if however, we have been successful in getting you an informative post or not.

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Stay tuned for more such updates, Thanks 🙂

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