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How to Measure the Strength of Your Home’s Wi-Fi Signal



It will be easier for you to decide whether or not to upgrade your router or buy a mesh Wi-Fi system if you are aware of the Wi-Fi signal strength in different areas of your home.

Despite how good some single routers are, they frequently don’t have adequate coverage to deliver a strong signal in every room. A sluggish Internet connection is nothing more than pure torment, as it can slow down all of your normal tasks and become a significant hurdle to your productivity.

Hence, it’s important to monitor your Wi-Fi’s speed and signal strength so that you don’t suffer from a weak connection. You can easily prevent the inconvenience of dealing with a slow internet connection.

We have decided to share how you can measure your home’s Wi-Fi signal strength and why it matters in the first place.

Simple Method to Assess Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Let’s look at some simple methods to check your Wi-Fi signal’s strength.

Check Your Device

Checking the troublesome gadget is the first step in determining the Wi-Fi signal’s intensity. Any device you use should have a Wi-Fi connection indicator, whether it’s an iPhone, MacBook, Android, or Windows PC.

The Wi-Fi emblem often consists of four or five curving lines; the more full lines there are, the more robust the connection. As each phone, tablet, and laptop is unique, the Wi-Fi signal strength may vary.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to check a second or third gadget. If you tested a phone, you might also want to test a tablet. Look at how both devices’ displays of internet performance and Wi-Fi strength compare. If the outcomes from both are comparable, you have a strong baseline to work from.

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Check via Your Smartphone or Tablet

All mobile devices with internet access have a setting that displays the strength of the nearby Wi-Fi networks.

On an iPhone, for instance, open the Settings app and select Wi-Fi to view the signal strength of the network you’re currently connected to as well as the signal strength of any other networks that are nearby.

The same goes for an Android phone. All you have to do is go to the Settings menu or the Network option. Another option is to download a free program that compares the Wi-Fi signal strength of neighboring networks visually in dBm. On other platforms, there are similar choices available.

Utilize the Operating System’s Built-in Utility

Microsoft Windows and other operating systems have tools that can track your wireless network’s signal strength. The quickest and simplest way to gauge Wi-Fi strength is with this method.

When it comes to checking on Windows 10, all you need to do is click on the network icon located on the taskbar itself. There are five bars that represent the Wi-Fi’s signal strength. One bar is the weakness and five bars represent a stable and strong signal strength.

The Wi-Fi indicator on a Mac can be found in the menu bar in the top-right corner of the screen. In other words, if you have five bars, your Wi-Fi signals are rather strong, in comparison to having just one bar.

Launch the Wireless Adapter’s Utility Program

Software applications that track wireless signal strength are offered by several vendors of wireless network devices or notebook PCs. These programs report signal strength and quality using a percentage ranging from 0% to 100% and extra information that is suited to the device.

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The same information could be displayed in different formats by the vendor hardware utility and the operating system utility.

Consider Using Wi-Fi Locators

A Wi-Fi locator gadget searches the local radio spectrum to find neighboring wireless access points and gauges their signal strength.

The majority of Wi-Fi locators use a series of four to six LEDs to display signal strength in bars, much like the Windows application. Nevertheless, unlike the methods mentioned above, Wi-Fi locator devices simply forecast the strength of a connection rather than measure it.

How Important is Wi-Fi Signal Strength?

Only with better signal strength will you be able to get the most out of your Spectrum internet connection or any other similar connection. For Spectrum, head out to if you want to know more about how to check their Wi-Fi strength.

On the other hand, the Wi-Fi signal strength is influenced by numerous variables, such as your proximity to the router, the type of router, and the caliber of the network you have subscribed to.

Your internet network will be more reliable with a stronger Wi-Fi signal. Slower speeds and finally total connectivity breakdown are caused by weaker signals. You must first confirm that the equipment you are using to access the internet is in perfect functioning order and is free from any problems.

All in All

Monitoring your Wi-Fi signal strength is crucial if you want to avoid experiencing sluggish speeds or any other disruptions to your regular online activity. Rebooting your router is another option you have if you want to improve your signal.

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Check the signal strength using the methods given above. Moreover, you should make sure that you are not too far from the source because this could cause lagging internet speed, which is inadequate to load websites, send emails, or move on with any online work.


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