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The Best Workout Routine for Gamers



Working out and playing computer games might not be two activities that you would usually link together, but recent Betway Insider research shows that could be a mistake. For a long-time the playing of computer games has been blamed for us sitting down more and moving less but actually, the research shows that many popular computer games actually help us to burn calories as we play. It is easy to assume that burning calories is all about long runs and heavy gym sessions but actually there are lots of everyday activities that we do that could help. Computer games are something that people do for fun, but it is good for many to know that they get the added bonus of burning calories, depending on which game they play and for how long.

Include Computer Games

Did you know that when you play Call of Duty: Warzone your heart rate can reach 119BPM – similar to that of a decent workout at the gym. Whilst playing computer games might not make up the bulk of your workout routine, there are definite advantages of combining the two. For example, if you want to work out at home then you’ll need to do 162 push-ups to equal playing 90 minutes of Fortnite in terms of burning calories. If you do a couple of hours of both computer gaming and working out a home, you have a great workout combination to help you feel good and burn calories.

Get Friends Involved

One of the great things about computer games is the fact that they’re all multiplayer and you can play with friends online. If you have a group of friends that are also interested in working out, why not set a time to meet up online for a gaming session? Playing with friends is a great way to progress in your game but also means that you’re committed to that workout time – great for ensuring you stick to a routine & keep up the work outs you’re planning.

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Get Outside

With the weather as nice as it is, there is something to be said for getting outside in the sunshine, enjoying the fresh air and getting in some exercise. The afternoons are probably too hot for this – so you could do an outside workout in the morning using the promise of an afternoon gaming session as motivation. That way you get the best of both worlds – something you enjoy alongside the burning of calories.

In general, ensuring that you vary your workout routine and include lots of exercise activities that you enjoy is the best way to make sure you keep up with your new lifestyle change. It is easy to decide that you want to move your body more or be fitter but finding the time and keeping up the motivation can be tough. Combining something that you love such as computer games is a great way to help with motivation and for you to stick to your promise of working out more.


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