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The Complete Explanation of QuickBooks Hosting for your Business?



The Complete Explanation of QuickBooks Hosting for your Business

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you find difficulty in handling enterprise accounting solutions from home? Then, here’s QuickBooks Hosting, which streamlines all accounting-related workflows, and many firms are continuously evolving to work in a work-from-home supported environment. And 2022 will follow to do the same and if we speak of QB Desktop, it gives you immense benefits when migrated to the cloud. As a result, you can use it from any location.

Modes of QuickBooks Hosting

Hosting of the QB Desktop application can be implemented in the following 3 modes:

  1. Dedicated Hosting: In dedicated hosting, different users are linked directly to the server on which QuickBooks is installed.
  2. Peer-to-Peer Hosting: In this hosting mode, one user hosts the application and data/files to supply access to other users on the network.
  3. Alternate Hosting: In this hosting mode process one user is connected to the hosting server over the Internet and all users are connected to the main user and the main user provides the connection to all users.

Why Host QuickBooks in the Cloud?

QuickBooks Hosting has numerous advantages compared to running it on a local device. These include:

  1. Improved security

Running QB on a local device has some security risks, such as compromising the data/files if the device is lost or stolen. By hosting QuickBooks in the cloud, this danger is eliminated. With adequate access management controls, hosting QB in the cloud offers clients much better data security.

  1. Ensured reliability
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If you run QB on your machine, the application is dependent on the health of the device. Cloud-based hosting offers the availability of >99.9% and some hosting solutions perform regular backups, such that in the case of a loss, the data can be restored.

  1. Better accessibility

When hosting QB in the cloud, you access the application through the internet. Users require to log into the hosting solution with a username and a password. The QB files/data can be easily accessed on Cloud Hosted Desktop from any location and any device with an internet connection.

How does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting work?

It is quite simple to know how QuickBooks on the cloud works.

When working on QuickBooks Cloud all the data and firm files are securely saved on the hosting server. Even when the local system on which you were working all the accounting data will remain secure on the hosting server.

Here are the steps on how QuickBooks cloud hosting works:

  • Authorized images of QB are installed on the server of a service provider.
    • The QB user is granted access to the server through the Internet with several configurations.
    • Accurate security steps are installed to guard the application.
    • Connectivity between the end-user device and the server is performed using the Remote Desktop Protocol that can be installed to log in as the authorized user.
    • The server is optimized to work on different operating systems/platforms from any device.
  • The user can access and work on QuickBooks through a web browser or RDP shortcuts. The rest of the UI, features, and other functions are the exact as the QB desktop.
  • All modifications made on hosted QuickBooks are automatically saved and will be visible to all authorized users.
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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is an outstanding solution for every accounting requirement and the right QB Hosting provider like Apps4Rent will help you to improve your efficiency by multiple folds. Apart from that Apps4Rent even assists in migration services like Migrate G suite to Office 365 with 100% migration assistance and 24/7 tech support.


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