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The latest WhatsApp beta includes native iPad support



whatsApp beta includes native iPad support

WhatsApp beta includes native iPad support: It appears that WhatsApp for iPad is close to launch. In the mod version of WhatsApp beta for TestFlight. Meta has given the option to use WhatsApp on iPad in addition to iPhone due to an update to its Link Tool feature.

WhatsApp currently allows users of the encrypted messaging platform to hyperlink up to four devices to their account. Even if their most important cellphone is not linked to the Internet. Each linked tool connects independently to WhatsApp, ensuring that private messages, media and calls are fully encrypted. This function also supports Mac, but no longer iPad – as of now.

As spotted by code researcher WABetaInfo. WhatsApp has started testing the feature of using the iPad as a linked device in a brand new beta. The brand new Companion Mode also means that any messages sent or received on the iPad are synced to the account’s primary phone, whether that’s an iPhone or Android device.

To test Partner Mode, WhatsApp previously released a native iPad app built with Catalyst so customers might want to start testing the function and the app. The iPad-like beta model can now be installed through the TestFlight app by all testers with the iOS beta app.

WhatsApp’s specialist organization Meta has made Facebook available on the iPad. Although WhatsApp and Meta’s Instagram apps have never had native iPad availability. Even though many users have been demanding the feature. It’s not yet clear when WhatsApp for iPad will be available to most people. Although its inclusion in the beta is a good indicator that it will be coming soon. Here we just studied WhatsApp beta includes native iPad support now check the benefits of using it.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp on an iPad with native support?

The benefits of using WhatsApp on an iPad with native support include:

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Seamless integration: With native support, WhatsApp on iPad works seamlessly with the device’s operating system. Allowing for a smoother user experience.

Larger screen: The iPad’s larger screen provides a more comfortable and visually appealing interface for using WhatsApp. Especially for activities like reading messages, viewing photos, and watching videos.

Multitasking: iPad’s native support enables users to multitask while using WhatsApp. Such as using other apps in split-screen mode or accessing the iPad’s control center without interrupting their WhatsApp conversations.

Better performance: With native support, WhatsApp on iPad can take full advantage of the device’s hardware and software capabilities, resulting in improved performance, faster loading times, and smoother overall operation.

Enhanced features: WhatsApp on iPad with native support may offer additional features and functionalities that are optimized for the iPad, enhancing the overall user experience. Overall, using WhatsApp on an iPad with native support provides a more seamless. Visually appealing, and feature-rich experience compared to using it on other devices or through workarounds.


What are the new features in the latest WhatsApp beta version?

The new features in the latest WhatsApp beta version include improved privacy settings, enhanced group management options, and a redesigned user interface.

How does the native iPad support work in WhatsApp beta?

The native iPad support in WhatsApp beta allows users to use the messaging app on their iPad without needing to rely on the iPhone version or third-party apps. This feature provides a seamless experience on the iPad, with a user interface optimized for the larger screen size. Users can send and receive messages, make voice and video calls, and access all the features of WhatsApp directly on their iPad.

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What are the benefits of using WhatsApp on an iPad with native support?

The benefits of using WhatsApp on an iPad with native support include:

  • Seamless integration
  • Larger screen
  • Multitasking
  • Better performance
  • Enhanced features


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