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How to Fix Error Code WC-34737-4 on PS4 – Quick Tips to Fix Invalid Credit Card issue




Hey folks, facing the issue of PS4 Error Code WC-34737-4 error again and again? Then this is for you. Read out the post and you will get some quick fixes to resolve this issue of PS4 Error Code WC-34737-4 Invalid Credit Card.

Gaming on Playstations brings us fun and take our gaming experience to next level. But if errors occur meanwhile, then this causes a lot of problems and ruins our gaming mood, right? As these errors sparge our gaming experience. And if these errors occur during the buying and payments procedures, then this becomes even more irritating, right?

Well, recently many new free PlayStation Plus games have been announced for players of PlayStation 4. Many gamers have even started bidding while guessing the names of newly introduced games. And finally, we got to know that these were Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

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What is Error Code WC-34737-4 on PS4?

Error Code WC-34737-4 is basically an error that occurs on PlayStation 4. This usually happens mostly on gift cards like Visa or MasterCard gift cards and whenever you try to use your credit card while you are inputting your card details during buying a game. Whenever you try to buy a new game and just enter your credit card details, this error appears, right?

many of the users have even tried to check and fix this issue on their own level by visiting to the account settings. Under account management settings, they have reset all the details as well. But even after doing all this, we still face this issue.

Many users even reported that they have even changed their credit card and put the details into the game about the new card so that if there is any issue related to credit card, then it may be resolved. But even after trying this, people are still facing the same error code WC-34737-4. Many desperate users have flooded the internet with similar questions. Many of them got solutions as well, but how many of the solutions are genuine?

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Honestly speaking, 90% of such web pages or links claiming to fix the issue by a single click are fake ones. they are just created to attract traffic on their sites or these malicious links can even harm your gadget as well. Without knowing the source of information, you should not click on any malicious links, as they can be a great threat to your system as well as to your privacy as well.

So what we have done is that we have prepared a list of genuine and authentic fixes to resolve this issue of the WC-34737-4 error. These are 100% tested and working methods, so you can try out them easily.

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Why the error WC-34737-4 occurs?

 This error of WC-34737-4 usually happens when someone puts incorrect information in that in the beginning. If one time, mistakenly you have put wrong details, then this error starts occurring no matters how many times you have corrected the mistake later on. It will still pop up the same issue.

Illustrataion of error code WC-34737-4

Didn’t understand? Let me give you an example of that. Suppose you were putting your credit card information into it while making a purchase of any game. And mistakenly you have entered the wrong details, let us suppose you made the same mistake twice or thrice.

Then nobody can stop this error WC-34737-4 from occurrence. Next time, whenever you put the information like you put the gift card like credit card numbers you face this error code WC-34737-4. Got it??

So what to do about that? Nothing, you can fix these issues by following the quick fixes given below.

Method 1: Wait for some time

The easiest method to resolve this issue is to wait for another 48 hours as the Sony Playstation network initially takes it as the case of fraud and puts a hold on the transaction for 2 days so that the entire matter can be understood and no goof ups occur. so this shows this error code WC-34737-4 again and again.

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After that, you can try again but this time you have to put the right details, otherwise, the same error will occur again and again. But don’t you think, this method will take a long time as if you want to play a game right now, then this fix couldn’t help you out.

Best Fixes To Resolve the PlayStation 4 Error Code WC-34737-4

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One method is shown above by which you can resolve the issue of PlayStation 4 Error Code WC-34737-4. But as we said, it takes ample time to fix this and even not guarantees that whether this will be resolved or not even after waiting for such a long time. As the Playstation network use to block you while speculating a fraudulent case. So what to do in that case? Nothing, try out the fixes given below :

You Can Fix PlayStation 4 Error Code WC-34737-4 By These Three methods:

Fix 1. Wait For 48 Hours And Reattempt

Technically you are advised to wait for at least 24 to 48 hours to resolve this issue automatically. But you can go for another shortcut where you can put your credit card details by using some other means like by signing in via another browser. That should be different from the former one. This will probably resolve the issue of error WC-34737-4

If it’s a gift card or credit card you can actually buy PlayStation vouchers or like PSN card essentially from either Amazon or game shop or whatever the same price

Fix 2. Redeem At PlayStation Store

Another method is to make the payment of the newly bought game by redeeming taxes via PlayStation to fix the error WC-34737-4 in PlayStation 4.

Now you must be thinking that how can you do so? Right? Well, you can do so easily by following the steps given  below :

  • First of all, go to the PlayStation store immediately.
  • Navigate towards the bottom of the screen.
  • You will see an option starting redeem codes.
  • Here click on this tab.
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After clicking on these, you can redeem the codes to get funds to buy the game as per your wish.

These codes will help you the same way as your credit card does. Bu using these codes, you will get some funds in return. using these funds,m you can make payments for any game you want to purchase. And automatically if you are able to make the payment without using your credit card, then the issue will be resolved automatically, isn’t it? Now you don’t have to wait any longer for the PlayStation network to roll back the block from your account.

Fix 3: Resolve Invalid Credit Card Issue

  •  Initially go to the  home page of your Playstation 4
  • After that move to the Settings tab.
  • Under the settings tab, you will get an option for Account Management Section.
  • Here you have to Click on the Account Information
  • Now start Scrolling and you will get an option of  Wallet
  • Now you can pick the  Payment Methods you want.
  • Sometimes, many users have already set that to their credit card, you can reset it as well here.
  • This is the time to enter another Card details into it, with accurate information.
  • Go to the  Account Information and navigate the Address option. You have to ensure that the details should match the ones on your credit card.
  • Now simply go back to Wallet and add funds before going through with a purchase.

Final Words

Hey folks, this is all that we know about “How to fix error code WC-34737-4 on PS4” so far. These are 100% tried and tested methods. You can trust them blindly. Try out these fixes and do let us know which method worked for you.

Thanks for reading 🙂 

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