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Microsoft Plans to Use DNA as Your Next Hard Drive

Microsoft finally spearheads a plan to commercialize DNA data in the near future.

Singapore’s Patrol Drone is Now on Active Service

The Lion City's mean law and order machine is now ready to deploy.

Hands-Free VR, Hassle-Free AR: Google’s Immersion Package

Google announces its baggage-free VR and the new analyzing AR tool.

Turn Anything Into a Touch Sensor with Spray Paint

Clickbaity, we know. But that's just how awesome this low-cost tech is.

Drones You Can Actually Fly Right Now — Flight of the Rumblebees

It's a worldwide drone invasion on a massive scale... under our (remote) control.

Lilium Jet: Crazy Flying Car or First Real Air Taxi?

Saves money and time, with the bonus of choosing your own breathtaking aerial scenery!

Your Phone Battery May Get a Very Huge Boost Soon

Li-ion battery co-inventor is about turn his very own older invention obsolete.