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5 Ways Smart People Keep Their Data Safe When Travelling

Earlier this year, American border control agents started demanding that travellers to the United ...

This New Multi-Terrain Security Robot is Slick

"A cop who doesn't need to eat, or sleep... the future of law enforement."

Electric Bus Drives 1,100 Miles, on a Single Charge

Proterra's heavy-duty EV carves the longest milestone for EVs yet.

Social Awareness: The Newest ‘Algorithm’ for Self-Driving Robots

New research shows the eventual importance of social awareness for automated bots.

Nano ‘Monster Truck’ Shows the Future of Nanotech

The tiniest race ever with perhaps the largest impact in tech today.

Google ARCore: The ‘Exciting’ Answer to ARKit

While essentially the same as ARKit, ARCore might just have its own hype factor.

Future Robotic Trips to Venus May Go Steampunk

NASA meets the Venusian hell in its own classic, old school way.

SpaceX Official Space Suit Finally Unveiled

"Was incredibly hard to balance esthetics and function."

Trained AI Defeats Pro Players in DotA 2

AI teaches itself to play against a pro-Dota 2 player, and won.

This Realistic Scene is ‘Imagined’ by an AI

Research AI draws up everyday urban scenes as it observes and learns.

Harvard Develops New Self-Healing Rubber

A potentially cost-effective solution to its ever growing technology.

Behold, the First Ever Supercomputer in Space

HPE enlists the help of NASA to send 'special hardware' for the ISS.

Wi-Fi Routers Could Be Your Future Dream Monitor

This is one sleep tracker that you might never have to wear.

Nanoparticles May Help Organs Get a Warmer Welcome

It does the talks of convincing the body to accept their newest "member".

Asteroid Greets a Close Approach, After Waving Goodbye

One of our closest approaches yet, and we never even saw it.

Hyperloop Inches Closer to Reality with Latest Test

The seemingly impossible futuristic transport technology takes a milestone yet again.

All You Need To Know About An Elisa Test

What is ELISA? ELISA stands for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. It is a test that ...


5 of the Biggest Influencers of Mobile App Development:

Technological advancements are the driving force for any kind of application development. Without new ...

Tesla Model 3 Production Finally Begins: Expectations and Projections

What we should expect so far on Tesla's most cost-effective EV yet.

World’s First Military Laser Weapon Now Online

The United States Navy is now ready to burn drones out of the sky.

Panasonic Unveils its Uber High-Tech Hanger

A meticulous tech solution to the sensitive garment keeper, or so it seems.

Starlink May Spark the Next Video Game Toy Craze

Or will it just flop on a whole new physical and virtual level?

Can Drones Save Lives in Time? Swedish Research Says Yes

Drones might just be the next frontliners in extreme medical emergencies.