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2014’s Best Tablet List – Buy the Perfect Tablet this Year

best tablet 2014

Find the Best Tablets Available this Year Looking for some awesome accessories to go along with your new tablet? Check out our tablet accessories section.   Our picks of the best tablet devices for 2014 Let’s face it, tablets are the future. Big clunky desktops and laptops are slowly dying off as more and more people are choosing to go ...

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2014’s Best Smartphone List – Top 10 Mobile Phones

best smartphones for 2014

Find the Best Smartphones Available this Year Looking for some awesome smartphone accessories to go along with your new phone? Check out our smartphone accessories section   Our picks of the best mobile smartphones for 2014 Trying to find the best smartphone can be pretty difficult considering the amount of choices we have nowadays. The past year has seen the release or ...

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[Infographic] The Age of the Smartphone

The Age of The Smartphone Infographic

The Age of the Smartphone Chances are, you’re probably reading this on your mobile phone. No, I am not psychic, and you don’t have to be one either to see where the smart connected device market is heading. As is beautifully illustrated in the infographic below, the smartphones have been and will continue to take over our lives. Our dear old friend, the PC ...

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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Review

angry birds star wars 2 review

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Review for Android and iOS7 Although the mobile gaming landscape is still in its relative infancy, there’s no denying the status of Angry Birds as one of the franchises with the most seniority. It arrived several years ago as an exclusive to Apple’s iOS platform before being ported to Android. Now it is large enough ...

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Clashot Review – Make Money from your Smartphone Photos

Clashot Review

One of the most popular and most followed hobbies of most of people is photography. Generally people like to capture photographs of the events, nature and other things happening around them and save them as memories. But have you ever thought of even making money using your own captured photographs. Though there are many photo selling sites available on Internet ...

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Upcoming Android Phones


Upcoming Android Phones for the 2013 Holidays This page will be updated every month with the latest android phone release updates Below is the latest list of upcoming android phones. Google Nexus 5 Expected Release Date – November 1st, 2013 Expected price – $299 Key features •    4.95 in Full HD (1080×1920) IPS display •    16/32 GB internal storage •   ...

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Top 5 Best Earbuds for the Holidays


Earbuds make for a great holiday present: Our list of the best earbuds of 2013 Looking for a good smartphone to plug these into? Check out our list of the best smart phones of 2013. Our picks for 2013’s best earbuds For any music lover, a good pair of earbuds can enhance the listening experience. Enjoying videos, movies, and music ...

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2013’s Best Smart Watches – Top 5 Smart Watches for the Holidays


Smart Watches will be one of the hottest items in 2014: Get a Head Start Looking for a good smartphone to go along with your watch? Check out our top 5 list of the best smartphones. Our overview of 2013’s best smart watches Expanding the capability of smartphones, smart watches have emerged as the latest go-to high tech product. Some ...

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Best Laptops of 2013 List – Just In Time for Christmas Shopping

best laptops 2013

Up Next on Our Christmas Shopping List: The Best Laptops of 2013 Looking for something more convenient? Check out our list of 2013’s Best Smart Tablets Analyzing the best laptops of 2013 Choosing from the best laptops for the Christmas season is difficult if someone doesn’t know where to begin. There are a number of newly released laptops on the ...

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