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How to Play Google Gravity Game Online?



Google Gravity

Google Gravity is a cool twist on the regular Google search page. Instead of everything staying put at the top of the screen, things like the search box and the Google logo act as if gravity pulls them down. It’s a fun, interactive version where you can click and drag around the page elements, watching them bounce and collide.

This version is for anyone looking for a bit of fun while surfing the web. It shows off what can be done with a bit of creative coding, turning a standard web page into a playful experience. Whether on a computer or phone, Google Gravity works just fine, making it a neat trick to share with friends.

Overview of Google Gravity game

Google Gravity

Google Gravity is an interactive web project that reimagines the Google search page with elements subjected to simulated gravity. Everything on the page, from the search bar to the logo, falls to the bottom of the screen and can be interacted with—clicked, dragged, and tossed around.

This playful experiment demonstrates the possibilities of JavaScript and HTML5, offering a fun, physics-based twist on the familiar Google interface. It’s accessible via web browsers, showcasing how web technologies can create engaging and dynamic user experiences.

How to Play Google Gravity Game Online

To play this game, you simply need to visit specific websites hosting the project, such as Mr. Doob’s site or elgooG, and watch as the Google homepage elements succumb to gravity. You can interact with the elements by clicking and dragging them around your screen. The steps are:

  1. Visit either Mr. Doob’s website or elgooG to access Google Gravity.
  2. Upon arrival, Google homepage elements will automatically fall to the bottom.
  3. Interact with the elements by clicking, dragging, and tossing them around.
  4. Enjoy the physics-based, playful interaction with the familiar Google interface.
  5. You do not require special skills—just a web browser to experience the game.
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What is Google Gravity?

Google Gravity is an interactive web project that applies physics to the elements of the Google homepage, allowing them to act as if influenced by gravity.

How can I access Google Gravity?

Access Google Gravity by visiting websites like Mr. Doob’s projects or ElgooG that host this playful experiment.

Is Google Gravity available on mobile?

Yes, Google Gravity works on both desktop and mobile browsers, offering a fun experience across different devices.

Does Google Gravity affect my searches?

It is primarily for entertainment; you can still perform searches, but the experience is geared more towards fun interaction.

Who created Google Gravity?

This game was created by web developers and artists, notably featured on Mr. Doob’s website, showcasing creative coding projects.


Google Gravity provides a delightful twist on the conventional way we view and interact with the Google search page. It’s a testament to the creativity that can be achieved with web technologies, providing a light-hearted distraction that blends the boundaries between functionality and play. Whether for a brief entertainment break or to show off a cool trick, this game invites users to view the digital world from a whimsical perspective.

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