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Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS): The first season will start soon, there is a prize pool of 2 crores



Season 1 of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) is going to start tomorrow. In this tournament, the top 24 teams will fight amongst themselves for the next three weeks. Out of the 16 teams will qualify for further. This league will run from Thursday to Sunday. Its grand final will be played between June 9 and June 12 between all the teams. During this 24 matches will be played between the teams.

The first season of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) is going to start from tomorrow. The total prize pool in this is 2 crores. Let us tell you how is the schedule of this tournament and who will get how much prize.

BMPS Season 1 schedule

league stage
First week – May 19 to May 22
Second week – May 26 to May 29
3rd week – 2nd June to 5th June
Grand Finals – 9 June to 12 June

The top 24 teams of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge have made their way to the BMPS Season 1. Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series will take place from 19 May to 12 June 2022. These 24 teams will battle for securing a spot in the grand finals where a massive prize pool is waiting for them. Let’s check out the detailed format of the BMPS 202.

BMPS season 1 prize list

The prize pool of this event is huge. The prize pool of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series is Rs 2 crore. The winner will be given a reward of Rs 75 lakh. Even in the league stage of this tournament, the eliminated team will not go empty-handed. In this, a prize pool of 1.8 crores has been kept for the finals.

35 lakhs will be given to the first runner-up. On the other hand, the second runner-up will be given a reward of 20 lakhs. Let us tell you about the rewards received by the teams staying at all the positions.

1st position – 75 lakhs
2nd position – 35 lakhs
3rd position – 20 lakhs
4th Position – 10 Lakhs
5th position – 9 lakhs
6th position – 7.5 lakhs
7th position – 5 lakhs
Eighth position – 4 lakhs
9th position – 3 lakhs
Tenth Position – 2.5 Lakh
Eleventh Position – 2.25 Lakh
Outside position – 2 lakhs
Thirteenth Position – 1.75 Lakh
Fourteenth Position – 1.5 Lakh
Fifteenth Position – 1.25 Lakh
Sixteenth Position – 1 Lakh
personal rewards
MVP: 2.5 lakhs
Most finishes: 2 lakhs
Lone Survivor: 1 lakh
Rampage: 1 lakh

Users can watch it on BGMI’s YouTube channel and Loco channel from tomorrow evening at 5 pm.

To date, Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series Series 1 holds the record for the highest prize pool for an esports event. The teams will compete for a mammoth prize pool of ₹2 Crore. BMPS Season 1 is split into two-phase starting on 19th May and ending on 12th June.

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