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The best gaming tech to look forward to in 2024



10 Ways to Make Online Gaming More Enjoyable

Since the first computer game was designed on a computer that formed a part of MITs computer lab, technology and gaming have always gone hand in hand. As soon as a new discovery made or a piece of kit perfected, games designers adopt and adapt to include it in their games.

This has allowed gaming to stay at the cutting edge of technological innovation and has become a driving force behind the development of new hardware and software. Games are more evolved than ever before, with integrated audio, visuals, and controls allowing players some insight into the joys of immersive gaming.

As components become smaller, faster, and cheaper, gamers have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the tech available. Hotly anticipated in 2024 are:

A new high for esports

As one of the fastest growing industries, esports had gone from strength to strength over the last few years and 2024 shows every sign of continuing this trend. Competitive gaming is attracting bigger sponsors, more valuable prizes, and a wider pool of competitors, generating plenty of income for all involved.

For the first time, the prize pots for esports are on a par with, and sometimes exceeding, those of traditional sports, using the latest high performance gaming gear to make the most of their skills. Contests rely on high speed networks with a secure and stable infrastructure, not to mention high-performance servers that have minimal latency, and specialist esports servers are becoming more commonplace.

The crossover between traditional sports and esports if also proving popular, with top competitors sharing similar training regimes. While the stereotypical gamer of days gone by would be near-nocturnal and surviving on processed food and energy drinks, todays esports stars are showcasing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with more balance than ever before and using biometric technology to track their performance.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may include some of the most exciting new technology around. The idea that was once the sci-fi scapegoat for every murderously rampaging robot has become a vital part of online security, personalising user experiences, and data analysis.

The reality of AI is that everyone benefits from algorithms that learn their preferences, and when this extends to gaming, it makes the experience so much more fun. With AI generating non-player characters that react and respond in the way you enjoy most, you can have a totally tailored gaming experience and play a different version of the game every time.

With challenges pitched at the perfect level to suit your skills, games will be more satisfying than ever and offer more realistic scenarios and more appealing storylines and action sequences. Gamers will benefit from the ongoing evolution of artificial intelligence when it comes to the information developers have about how they interact.

From recognising patterns of behaviour in casino slot games to identifying better ways to engage players in role playing games, the use of artificial intelligence is making games more fun in a variety of ways.

Netflix Gaming

While more observant Netflix subscribers may have noticed the addition of games to their package, this beta testing of the streaming service’s games offering is just the tip of the iceberg. Having demonstrated their prowess as a TV and movie streaming service, Netflix may be preparing to move into the gaming sphere.

Not only are there games now available to play, there have been hints at a much bigger catalogue of games to come. In true Netflix style, these are expected to be a mixture of games from independent studios to big names, although there are few clues as to exactly who Netflix might be collaborating with.

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There has also been talk of cloud streaming for games which gamers are welcoming with open arms. If there is a chance that a wide variety of games will be as easily available as television shows and films, this could be a big year for the whole gaming industry.

Virtual Reality

It may no longer be strictly ‘new’ technology, but the advances expected in virtual reality are game-changing. The vast appeal of the ultimate gaming experience cannot be denied, and with new headsets due to be released by Oculus and Valve, games have high expectations.

As well as becoming increasingly comfortable to wear, this year’s generation of headsets will offer players eye-tracking to make them more responsive than ever. With haptic feedback taking centre stage as well, gaming is going to becoming even more seamless and interactive.

This, of course, means that more games will be designed for VR, increasing the appeal and encouraging developers to embrace the technology that is surely going to be increasingly commonplace as advances continue. With the cost of headsets dropping, the potential market for VR games is expanding daily.

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