How To Choose A New Tablet Computer For You

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Tips to Choose A New Tablet Computer For You

Tablet computing has taken off and it’s now difficult to move without encountering some sort of advert about the latest tablet. Apple is no longer the king of tablet computing or mobile technology. Competitors of Apple computers like Samsung, HTC, Google have brought out their own models and those quickly gained ground on the corporation.

Looking for a new tablet to buy?  Here are few things you need to look at to make sure you’re choosing the right tablet for you.

Storage Space

Storage Space

Tablets come with a variety of storage space. You can start at 4G and go all the way up to 64GB of space. If you just want to surf the web and not do much else like storing videos or photos, the 4GB one will be fine. It takes 4G to store a simple two-hour film, though, so it’s usually better to get slightly more than you need in case you want to do something different at some point.  You may also check how many memory card slots you have. Memory cards can add a maximum of 32GB of storage space each.

Screen Size

Tablet Screen Size

Bigger usually is better if we’re talking about screen size. The smallest screen sizes are barely bigger than a mobile phone. Most people consider this too small, especially when they can surf the web and do so much with a normal Smartphone. You want to make sure the screen is big enough to fulfil your needs whilst being small enough to carry around easily.

Review the resolution and retina display attributes. These influence how much of a quality picture you get.


Apps make the tablet computer what it is. They enable you to customize the tablet as you see fit. They all come with some apps already installed. Take a look at the various app stores offered by the manufacturer. The Apple app store gets the most press and has the widest range of apps anywhere, but this doesn’t mean they’re quality apps or they’re necessarily better than the apps from Google’s store.


Tablet CameraDo you need to have a camera?  You don’t have to get a tablet with a camera. Most of them already have one installed. The type of camera depends on what you intend to do with it. If you want to make Skype calls you must have a front-facing camera. Rear-facing cameras can only take photos and do nothing else.

Battery Life


Tablets haven’t had a lot of praise about how long their batteries last. Even a new tablet computer can only last from 5 to 8 hours without being charged up again. They can’t hold as much charge as a standard laptop. This is normally the deal breaker for most people. Once they discover how little charge it holds they decide not to opt for a tablet.

More expensive models have longer battery lives. Battery lifespans are continuing to get better, but be prepared to pay a lot of money if you want to use your tablet computer for longer.

If you’re the type of person who wants to surf the web for extended periods of time, you might want to consider a Smartphone instead. recommends readers to buy tablets from as they have some of the best gadgets in the market.