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Google releases new voices for Android apps by updating its text-to-speech engine



Google Speech

Tech giant Google has announced it is upgrading its text-to-speech (TTS) by Google speech engine by providing clearer, more natural voices. The company said that all 421 voices in 67 languages have been upgraded with a new voice model and synthesizer.

“If you already use TTS and the Speech Services by Google engine, there is nothing to do — everything will happen behind the scenes as your users will have automatically downloaded the latest update. We have seen a significant side-by-side quality increase with this change, particularly with respect to clarity and naturalness,” the platform said on its developers’ page.

Android apps now have new voices for Google’s text-to-speech engine

Frankly, while the voices do sound clearer, I’m skeptical about the claims it sounds more natural. It’s also still difficult to ascertain what the first sentence in these US English-language recordings actually says — is this my gun? Is this my god? Apparently, it says “is this mic on?”

“With this upgrade, we will also be changing the default voice in en-US to one that is built using fresher speaker data, which alongside our new stack, results in a drastic improvement. If your users have not selected a system voice, and you rely on system defaults, they will hear a slightly different speaker,” it added.

When the Update is going to roll out?

This update will be rolling out to all 64-bit Android devices via the Google Play Store over the next few weeks as a part of the Speech Services by Google Apk.

For the unversed, Google recently hosted its Search On 2022 event wherein the company announced major updates to a host of products and services including Google Maps, and its online shopping experience. In addition to these and more, the company also shared major updates to its search engine, that is, Google Search.

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The new features include multi-search that enables users to search for information on Google Search using text and images at the same time. Google has optimized Google Lens’ machine learning models that are able to blend translated text into complex images in just 100 milliseconds.

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